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Hurt My Knee


I’ve hurt my knee early last year, partial tear in the patella tendon, below the kneecap on the outside. Wad diagnosed from an MRI scan. Doctor told me to rest the legs for a couple of months. Another MRI scan showed it was healing, but very slowly.

I was allowed to ride my bicycle but couldn’t really work the quads.
The doctor finally gave me the green light february this year. If it hasn’t healed by know, it will never heal.

So I started light, with legpresses. Only 50kg to start with, and very gradually working my way up. When I got to around 150 kg, I figured I was pushing my bodyweight. I don’t really weigh 150kg obviously but since the legpress is under a 45 degree angle, you would have to devide the weight by 1.5. And no, I don’t weigh 100kg either, I weigh 90kg.
Anyway, since I was pushing bodyweight I switched to bodyweight squats, then to goblet squats with eventually a 20kg db in my hand.
And that’s when I noticed a slight twitch in my right knee.
Being a moron I completed the set, but I thought it was serious enough to mention it in my log. I iced the knee several times a day.
It didn’t bother me the next days.
But after 5 days, I had another workout with the goblet squat planned. This time, it hurt a bit more and I didn’t finish the workout. Kept icing the knee.
I doens’t bother me when I ride my bike or when I climb stairs. It twitches when I get up from a chair though. Only the first couple of cm’s.
There’s a twitch on the right side of the right knee, below the kneecap.

Do you guys think it’s the tendon again? It feels to far too the right and too low to be the tendon. At least, that’s what I hope.

I’ll see a doctor later this week.