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Hurt my hip squating

About a month ago I was deep squating 365 for 5x5 superseting with sissy squats between for 5x5. I was on my 4 set last rep and was having not problems at all when I went down and heard and felt a pop(my boy heard it and he was standing 5 feet away). It was in the right hip joint. I stood up and racked the weight and my hip was really sore. I stop my squat workout for the day. I have had a slip pull in that hip flexor when I ran track about 2 years before but I don’t know it this was the case. I hurt when I lift my knee up toward the outside of my body and also when I squat. It is still sore till this day but it dones not stop me from everyday activities. Any one have any experience with this kind of injury? I need some advice.

It sounds like you were too flexible and not too strong at the end of your ROM. you need to stretch less and do strength training more. yes it happened to a friend of mine, he could do splits and stuff but his squat wasnt deep and one time he went to deep and that happened. he got over it in no time - he did some wide stance/close stance deep squats/front squats and some deep pistols and didnt do any splits anymore and he was fine.

Hope you’ll heal fast!


Thanks glutespanker for the advice I really don’t stretch that much but I was a gymnast when I was younger and I have the tendency to squat very deep to where my back become unarched that the bottom. I try to avoid this practice but it happens on accident.

I strained my hip flexor this past winter when squatting. And boy, what a pain in a@#! That was three months ago, and I’m just now squatting decent weight again.

Two tips:

  1. Take a wider stance. This seems to be much easier on the HF’s.

  2. Try light box squats in the meantime. I found this to be a decent way to still hit my quads without that stress at the bottom, when you move from the negitive to the positive portion of the movement.

I would take a couple of weeks off altogether from squat though. Just hope this a HF problem and nothing more serious. Good luck!