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Hurt my back yesterday...

and what a way for it to happen! Well, at my Gym all the people doing light weights work out where all the heavy DB’s are. So I’m walking my 100’s to the other end where a flat bench is to to DB press. This bitch is walking right towards me, she makes eye contact, smiles but doesn’t friggin step aside. I had to side step, and in the process almost tripped over a 5lb DB that someone had left on the floor. I didn’t fall, but had to correct, with 100 lb DB’s in each arm. I felt it in my back right away. It hrt through the rest of teh workout, all evening, and all night. A little better this morning. I’m still pissed off about it though.


I’m sorry you hurt your back, but you left out all of the pertinent details:

  1. Was she cute?

  2. Did you get the digits?

To answer the Q’s:

  1. Sort of…
  2. I’m married, so that just wouldn’t be right…

Oh. Then I’m just sorry you hurt your back.

There is an unwritten rule in the gym:

He who carries heavy weights should not have to move out of the way of anyone in his path.

I always go around someone if they are in my path and handling heavy weights. I expect the same in return.

Sorry about that Z-man, I’ll try to keep my weights out of your way. I was just too exhausted from my 5x5 (x5 lbs) that I forgot to put it away…

Seriously, I hope you heal up fast. More than once I’ve had to tell people to “MOVE” after politely asking them out of the way and being ignored. Welcome to Chez Golds! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nate, and the corollary:

"He who walks with heavy weight in hands may trample all who oppose him.

Z, I personaly witnessed Malcolm deadlifting a 5 pound dumbell last night at Gold’s. He would have used the one pound, but I was using it to do kickbacks.

thats why i roll them.

I’ve been standing at my desk most of the day, and I think it’s going to be OK. I was really worried last night though, it was really acting up.

Golds gets really bad sometimes. I think some SDL’s on Sunday will shock everything back into place.

I never carry db’s over 80 lbs.Always roll 'em.

Next time I’ll carry 'em one at a time. It’s too long a distance to roll em.

Actually, I find it easier to carry two at a time. We anchor our bands for speed benches with 120s. It would be like driving an autocross course rolling those bastards (lots of equipment between DBs and benches). I’d say it’s about 40ft total walking distance. I see it as GPP. :slight_smile:

goldberg nailed it, i roll them sumbitches! when i do dips i have to get the weight from clear across the gym. i throw that piece on the ground and kick it all the way across the gym. ill be damned if im gonna carry a 120 d-bell across the gym.

Re: rolling the db’s

You all are missing out on the “farmer’s walk” super set! :wink:

What’s next, steel toed Reeboks? haha j/k