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Hurt Knee and Cutting

Okay, so I’ve posted before about trying to lose some weight. Well that was going good, but then after a good set of squats and lunges my knee was swollen.

This is from a previous injury that I’d thought had healed. (can omit the rest til new paragraph, pretty much hurt my knee and it recurred twice, now my doctor is just telling me to rest again)Basically we were planning manhunt, I was chasing a guy, he turned around, kneeled down and his knee went under mine, my leg bent backwards, I saw some stars for a sec, then kicked the guy off of me, then he starts crying and his dad wants me to apologize when my knee is swollen bigger than his head… but anyway.

So that kinda got me discouraged for a bit, I went to Europe and had fun there, came back and then I got my diet back and was just doing upper body. My knee felt better, so I went on a bike trip with scouts and again its swollen. I went to the doctor for a physical and he said to take neproxin, 2 aleve, twice a day and let it rest.

Well I’m still attempting to lose some fat, its harder when you can’t sprint or squat or deadlift, and aren’t even supposed to walk much. I’m wondering how best to do it while still trying to gain muscle (at least not lose it). I’m just trying to drop enough that I don’t look fat at the pool, maybe 10 of fat. I’m thinking add in largish amounts of fish oil (John Berardi’s suggestion of 15-20g? I’m thinking a bottle of Flameout and liquid Urdo’s is relatively cheap, but I’m now confused whether its the fishoil, or the EPA and DHA or the just total omega 3,6 and 9…), then cut calories down to 2200 or so.

Get my only carbs from some oatmeal in the morning, maybe a couple fruits in the day, PWO and then the little I get from meat This would be along with a lot of upper body, more like a “how I feel today” kind of plan.

How effective would this be?’

What would you add or subtract from this?
I am 6’ and 178.5’bs according to the doctor on Tuesday.


Thats dont sound bad #1 thing should be getting healtht the concentrated fat loss can come later get that knewe fixed

The fish oils sounds great to me I take 20g a day 6 Flameout and the rest thetn you need your other oils as well get your Pufa’s Mufa’;s and Sats in nice close to equal quantity. the high does fish oils really ddo help joints etc.

Just training smart and HARD where you can nail a consistent dit of good foods get healed and come back bro

Thanks Phil, I’ve got the diet together now, I just need some minor tweaking, I’ve got a cheat “meal” once a week for when I hang with friends.

I’m definitely resting the knee, and when its better ease it back in, but I’m gonna murder my whole upper body in the meantime.
How fast do you think I could lose weight doing only upper body (assuming almost perfect diet)?