Hurt hand lifting straps

I went to ART for my hand and he said to try straps for deadlifts etc until it heals. Is there a difference between straps. I was just going to get some at DPS, anything I should look for?

I prefer the ones with the padding inside the canvas; the regular ones always wind up tearing the skin off the thumb side of my wrists. Also, I personally hate the ones with the built-in hooks. They just feel very awkward.

while you are at it-just have someone lift it for you (lifting hooks indeed :slight_smile:

seriously-it depends on what you want. the straps from Ironmind are the best for heavy, Heavy lifting. but since your hand is hurt-the padded ones are pretty nice.

I can’t deal with regular straps. No real grip assistance. Provided you have them tight enough (as tight as you can manage), hooked straps work better.


I have found the swede straps to work great for deadlifts. I have used them upwards of 500+ lbs and they are solid; I was nervous about them at first for some odd reason, I think mostly because I was used to the nylon material stuff that worked pretty well. Once you wind the straps up, you are solid.

So I would be better off with a strap more than a strap with hooks? Oh and does DPS or netrition sell anything worth getting? I am going to buy some whey and flax oil etc so it would be easy to add it. If not what are some good places to buy straps. Thanks guys, as you can tell I have not used straps before

go with the suede straps if you can find them…better friction…I lost my pair last year and I’ve been testing neoprene padded nylon straps that you can find anywhere for weighted pullups… I get way too much horizontal sliding on slippery bars…crappy gym won’t put tape or chalk on their precious gym equipment…

I’ve been using straps from theses guys

Any reasonably good sporting good store should have them. You can either get leather or a nylon material. They are cheap. I forget how much I paid for mine but they were around $14.

just get the ones from the sporting goods store. You will want to chuck them after your hand heals or at least use them sparingly. Dont blow a bunch of money on straps that you shouldnt even be using anyway.

$3.96 at Walmart here in PA. Lasted me a year and I pulled 405 a few days ago. Like everyone else stated, do not spend too much money on these.