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Hurt Elbow While Wrestling

Hey guys,

I just had my second wrestling lesson and unfortunately landed on my arm when getting taken down. My technique is non-existent and I’m out of shape(fat) which didn’t help my cause.

When my opponent took me down I landed on my arm and it stayed rigid, thus slightly hyperextending (I think). Consequently some pain shot through my arm and we ended the round. Pretty much immediately I put ice in the crook of my arm near my bicep alternating with placing it on the back of my arm near bottom of tricep/elbow.

I’m not in bad pain, it does hurt deep in the bicep and when I curl my arm up to my shoulder it hurts around the tricep/elbow joint area. I am currently icing my arm as before with it laying flat on the desk.

Could anybody please give me advice on how to speed up the recovery process if possible?

My aim is to just rest the arm and ice it for the next day or two and see how I feel. I’m guessing this happens quite a bit in combat sports. Probably not really worth seeing a doctor/physio you guys think unless it is really hurty?