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Hurt Chest While Training Back

Yeah you read that right… I’ve hurt my pecs while training my back…

I was doing pullups with extra weight and on top of the movement I heard a popping short crack in the middle of my chest, right in between my pecs.

Right now (about 2 hours later), it still hurts some. My pecs seem normal, so no strange swelling.

Does some1 have an idea?


Edit: I’d like to add that I have normal function in my chest. I didn’t hear the sound very well since I had Sepultura in my ears, but it felt like when you pop your joints, a bone popping sound… (english is not my first language sorry)

Thats happened to me a couple times…I just assumed it was bones cracking, much how people crack their back. However, I didnt have any pain afterward so I dunno, maybe you should get it checked out…

i got too enthusiastic once doing high pulls and pulled all kinds of stuff attached to my sternum. it felt like i got shot in the chest (OK, how would i know, but it hurt A LOT). It took six months to feel OK again, and gave me intermittent problems for years afterwords. so, moral to the story, control the weight, don’t jerk stuff around, or you’ll hurt yourself in all kinds of terrible places.

Thanx for the replies.

It still hurts a little. I went to the gym and didn’t notice any problems with strength or form.

I think I’ve bruised the muscle on my sternum. Is that even possible?

Manubriosternal joint; look it up.

It’s nothing to be concerned over; just a little gas escaping from the joint as you release it.