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Hurt Back on Last Day of RSR


Little lengthy, can skip to TL;DR if you don't care.

On my last day on the RSR, I failed first new 1RM, spotter helped me out. Took a rest, and made a second attempt. I got past where I got stuck on the first rep and was sure I had it, and this guy starts yelling "Fuck yeah man you got it" and starts pushing me up for no damn reason when I'm about done.

I feel like I had the rep but got and asterisk.

So I stupidly go for another after a short rest, get stuck at about the same place as on the first rep and bailed. Decided to take a longer break and try again.

I get this rep up and just past the sticking point, I'm sure I got this, then CRACK!

TL;DR: I ended up on the floor while attempting a Squat PR, and can't feel my legs, hurts to breathe, and standing in any position but straight up feels like I'm being stabbed.

I had something like this happen before, but my legs never went completely numb and I could remember the whole event, whereas now I think I blacked out for a second. Can anyone tell me what kind of injury I probably have? Last time this happened I just took a week off to sleep and it went away, but this time I'm kind of scared. If this hurts still tomorrow I'll probably see a doctor again, but I really can't afford another visit.


By the sounds of it you damaged your vertebral column and there is some moderate collateral to the CNS. Doc and x-rays (and whatever else may be needed) ASAP. I would even consider going to the hospital (provided it's not too expensive not sure how you guys are set up down there in the states).


Go to the emergency room ASAP. It is not smart to mess with this kind of things, whatever the hell this is. Cracking and complete numbness in the lower body is a sign you should go see a doctor ASAP!


I fell asleep immediately after posting. All numbness and tingling is gone, I can move and twist without screaming, but my back still hurts constantly and it hurts to breathe. I told my family I'd like to go get x-rays and my aunt gave me a "physical". She thinks she's a nurse because she has retarded children. She made me push my feet against her hands in different directions and told me I simply pulled a muscle and to use icyhot, take a day off from work, and told me I shouldn't lift weights anymore as it's dangerous.

I'm glad she diagnosed me, I feel so much better.

I mean yeah, last time she told them that the lump under my arm was just a little pus pocket from lifting weights and to stop lifting weights and use this awful smelling black salve instead of going to a hospital.Yes, in the end it turned out to be a venom-filled cyst from a brown recluse bite that ended up turning black and putting red streaks down my arm, leading to them having to slice my arm open and irrigate it, telling me a day later and I could have lost it.

I mean that's a mistake anyone could make.

As soon as I get a hold of someone who can drive me, I'll head to a hospital.


IS this SERIOUS??!?! Getting checked out by your grandma??!?!?!?
Go to the doctor you cheap kunt


It was sarcasm. Like I'd listen to such horrible advice from a bitch that almost cost me my arm.

Doctor took an x-ray and told me something like it's a slight vertebrate fracture and to get lots of bed rest, ice it, and offered me painkillers. No lifting for a while though. I'm just happy all I should need to do is rest.