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Hurricanes Cheap Shot on Ward


Did anyone else think that it was a massive cheap shot in the bruins/hurricanes game last night?


yea, but they did just kinda stare at each other for a few seconds so i dunno, he tuned him either way


I don't think that was the same guy. Ward tangled up with someone in front of the net during the play and then the guy (forgot his name) who ended up w/ the cheap shot came in out of nowhere, dropped gloves and without any hesitation or anything just dropped Ward.

oh well. he's out for a few games..hopefully he'll watch his team be knocked out of the playoffs from home.


It was Scott Walker, and I thought it was a wicked cheap shot, but the NHL disagrees. Despite the fact that there's a rule stating that any player who receives an instigator penalty in the last 5 minutes of a game will receive an automatic suspension, the NHL decided that the punch wasn't a "sucker punch" and merely fined Walker $2500, overruling the automatic suspension. Honestly, when I first read that I was furious, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that this just means we get to enjoy watching Lucic, Thornton, Chara, and the rest of the B's punish Walker for the punch so much better than a suspension ever could have. God I can't wait for tomorrow night.