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Hurricane Katrina: What Bush Knew


"I don't think anybody could have anticipated the breach of the levies"
George W. Bush


Here's a video clip that was released to the Associated Press. It shows a FEMA video-conference with FEMA, state officials, and President Bush via his ranch in Crawford, that occurred a day before the hurrican hit.

This video makes the slow federal response seem even more pathetic.


Thanks, bradley.

That was very eye opening!!!

You finally did it!!!

You proved that the democrats should be in charge of the planet.

You got him!!!

Nineteen hours before the storm one of the briefers says "That no one can predict with absolute certainty whether the levees will hold. That is obviously a grave concern."

I'm pissed that Bush didn't fly down and personally man the levees after hearing that!!!!

If only Bush had.....? He had nineteen hours for God's sake!!!

That's it, kerry actually won.

It would be such a shocker if you would blame the people who deserve it the most: nagin/blanco.



Gee Jerffy, make up your "mind". The above statement, which you wrote, seems to imply that the levee failure was oviously anticipated as a possibility.

I guess what you mean is that it really doesn't matter what Bush says, whether or not he ever says anything remotely related to the truth?

That's good to know. I'll keep that in mind from now on.


I saw that video on the news this evening, maybe "Brownie" is right that he was made a scapegoat. Shrub and Chertoff are lying douchbags afterall? Whodathunkit?


If you hadnt figured out that was how Jeff thought, I'm surprised.

I figured that out the first day I looked on the politics forum. Bush and Dick can do no wrong to him...


Does anyone else feel the need to shower after reading jefrey's posts?

It's also amusing that the only conservative to post about this has been the psychotically blindered cheeleader.

I'll be listening to Rush, et al. today to find out how they're going to spin this.


Thanks for the love, my weenie liberal friends!!!

Ok, smart guys, please tell me what W. could have done with the ninteen hour heads up to stop the levees from breaking.

Please keep in mind that I'm going to slam you if your "solution" violates existing state and federal jurisdiction.

Oh, harris, thanks!!! If I cause you to take a bath more than once per annum, I've done a service to the planet.



LOL @ JeffffffrieRRR "slamming" anyone on this site with knowledge.


Dear jeffy, my pom-pom blinded douchbag pal.

What bushleague could have done "before" the flooding has never been at issue. FEMA had already moved relief supplies and personnel into position.

What has been and will continue to be an issue for bushleague and chertoff is the fact that they didn't do ANYTHING after the flooding started. And all this time they've been shrugging their shoulders saying "how were we to know?", while trying to cast blame in as wide an arc as possible.

Now this tape surfaces (props to Brownie for that, I'm sure) and we find out that Brown likely wasn't as much at fault as the ass clowns insisted, and that Chertoff and bushleague, as the prime douchbags-in-charge, are primarily responsible for doing absolutely fucking nothing.


What a retard.

Your insane question was answered by Mark, who talked about why foreknowledge was important, because it should have meant an appropriate reaction would be ready if it did happen, and it did in fact happen as we all saw.

Unfortunately, instead of an appropriate reaction we were given excuses that basically said "nobody could have foreseen such an event so we were caught with our thumbs up our butts". However, that turns out to be another "mistruth" instead.

Jerffy, your nose is so far up the presidents ass, he thinks it's his own dick.


markey wrote:

"Dear jeffy, my pom-pom blinded douchbag pal."

I love my markey, such a foul little fella.

"What bushleague could have done "before" the flooding has never been at issue."

Do you liberals have the ability to communicate with each other?

Hint: If you want a "scandal" to stick, it might be a good idea to coordinate your little schemes.


The rest of your post is the subject for another time.




Thanks for the insult!!!

Would you like to join the discussion?

I'd be interested in hearing if this tape meant anything to you.

If so, please tell me what W. should have done with a nineteen hour headstart!!!

Good luck!!!


P.S. I love my liberal weenies!!! "We don't like JeffR (or Bush), therefore, nothing they say can be accepted!!!" Great thinking!!!!


"I don't think anybody can tell you with any confidence, right now, whether the levees will be topped or not, but it is a very, very grave concern."
Max Mayfield (the very statement Brokaw says is contradictory to Bush's)

This story was bunk for several reasons:

  1. Mayfield predicted the flooding in excess of the levees (topped), not failure of the levees. Bush was referring to failure. Also, if you read Mayfield's statement, he clearly say "no one can tell you with any level of confidence" it's at 2:32 of the broadcast.

  2. As JeffR pointed out, with 19 hrs. left before landfall, what are you going to do? Bush says "I want to assure the folks at the State level that we are fully prepared to not only help you during the storm, but we will move in whatever resources and assets we have at our disposal after the storm to deal with the loss of property and, hopefully, no loss of life."

  3. What do you want Bush to do? Admit he was wrong? He did. Admit he was responsible? He did. Repair the levees, rebuild the city, and resurrect the dead? He'll have to commune with God on that one. Enough trashing, it's a dead horse already.


C'mon you guys, lay off the president. It's not like this is part of a pattern of lying and incompetence and covering up.

I <3 Bush!!!!!!


What a non-story.

These after-the-facts--let's try to assign blame wastes of time are truly annoying. If they really did affect future events, I could see them, but to try and lay blame is ridiculous.

The major thing that Bush F*d up on was not getting the N.G. in there pronto. Now, there are issues as to the rights and responsibilities of the federal govt as opposed to state govt that I can't quote, but that is the blunder.

Once the sstorm hit and the levees broke ain't nothing that could be done. Personal responsibility would have probably saved half or more of the lives that were lost. 1/2 a brain might have saved the majority of the rest.

It was, in some ways, an unavoidable situation given the circumstances that were involved. It was, in others, a cluster that could have been much better handled. There is enough responsibility--from the president to the local govt's to the citizens--that this tape means nothing more than a few people getting some type of jolly about seeing the president further beaten down.

It certainly isn't breaking news. It conveys no information that wasn't generally accepted by most previously.
It changes nothing.


Bush is (regardless of political standpoint) the single most dumb person in charge of a country ever. He does no service to you as a nation.


Liberal on one side, nazi on the other. which one are you?


You're right: it changes nothing.

Bush continues to be an incompetent disgrace.


You're right: it changes nothing.

Bush continues to be an incompetent disgrace.

He may be,

but not because of New Orleans.

I will admit to wondering what the guy is doing right now. It is a rudderless ship. No plan. No direction. It's disheartening to see us in the position we seem to be in. No one leading. No one working towards a common goal/good.

I admit to looking forward to some different(any)leadership in the future.


So why, pray tell, do you have the same knee jerk reaction when others say the exact same thing?