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Hurricane Irene


Looks like we have a good one coming at us !

So, for all you T-Nationers out there, here on the east coast from North Carolina to Maine, here is your chance to weigh in with your peri Irene protocol.

Give us your Pre/Para/Post...Hurricane Irene.. preparations/observations/analysis

Good luck !!


These storms can be some bad motherfuckers. Do stock up on bottled water and canned food if landfall becomes imminent.

If it knocks out your municipal water supply and power for days or even weeks, you will be fucked otherwise. It is not fun waiting in line for hours and hours at relief stations for limited supplies that may run out before you even get to the front of the line.

Fill up your gas tanks too. It usually takes a few days for roads to be opened for travel, but if you don't have enough gas to leave the city for a friend's place somewhere else when they do, you are still stuck in a tough spot.


ehh, the Carolinas usually weaken them quite a bit for us here in MD. I'll do what I normally do, nothing different, though will keep an eye on the weather just to be on the safe side.

we already have several flash lights/batteries, 1st aid kit. We're on city water so it would take quite a lot to down that.

normally do our grocery shopping no Sat's so that will be good timing.


Already stocked up on batteries and water today. Do not want to wait for the last minute stampede.

No municipal water supply in my town here in Rhode Island...we have wells so we're equally as fucked if we lose electricity.


I underestimated Ike due to our continental shelf. The morning of the day of Ike's projected land fall, our rivers and bayous started flowing backwards from the surge. I remember thinking " Fuck me ". Then of course the electricity went out, for over a month in some areas, generators gave out, water could no longer be purified, the sewage system was ruined by back flowing water and I learned that probability aside, it is best not to underestimate nature.


All units, Irene...I say again, Irene...


Fill up your gas, I was living in south florida during the hurricane hit from Miami north 100 miles.
so no gas, no power, water was okay

so fill up your gas in your car, maybe have a generator? batteries for am radio, candles, flash light, water, food you can each without any prep work, apply hurricane shutters to windows.


Good opportunity for more planking pics


rode out Hugo in Summerville only 15 miles from my house in Hanahan, took me three days to get back to my house. has no power for 2 wks but had gas stove and water heater so I could cook and take showers. wore out 3 chains on my chainsaw clearing trees from my and my in-laws house and the roads so I could get home. had 3 nice hickorys @12+", several pines, and 2 oaks @18+" down around my house. in-laws had 15+ trees down in their yard. had to cut a pine tree off my car and 2 off my truck. I was lucky and only had 1 flat tire. saw cars with 2-4 flats. lots of crap on the roads. plywood will save your windows. if you have to nail it to the frame do it. you can always patch holes later.

some of this stuff probably sounds like common sense but before and after the storm your head may be kinda fried so this is from experience.

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF THE MEDICINES YOU NEED FOR AT LEAST 3 WKS!!! have copies of your scripts in case you have to go to another drugstore. if you have to keep it cold see below.
fill your vehicles and get a few extra fuel cans as power could be out to gas stations for weeks.
get at least 2 weeks worth of pet food and put the rabies tags on your pets. tidal surges and downed trees force snakes, coons, foxes, etc to seek new shelters. get serious bug spray as the wasps and yellowjackets will be out in force.
freeze plemty of 1 gallon jugs of water. if you lose power they'll help keep food cold longer and give you drinking water. quality extra coolers are a good idea. don't open the fridge or freezer any more than necessary. I bought some big plastic trash cans to store water in. after the storm we were told to boil tapwater before drinking.
stock up on propane or charcoal for grill. a metal coffee pot can save your sanity.
make sure you have matches and candles. never put a candle near anything that can burn and make sure it's away from kids. MAKE SURE ALL CANDLES ARE OUT WHEN YOU GO TO SLEEP!!!
5 gallon buckets can be used to wash clothes in. a new plunger makes it a lot easier than using your hands. gives the kids something to do that makes them feel useful. clean clothes mean a lot. get clothespins and clothes line.
if you don't have a landline phone find a neighbor that does. the cell towers may be destroyed.
wear heavy duty shoes or boots as there will be plenty of crap to injure your feet. gloves will be needed. have more than 1 pair.
if you can't bring it in the house tie it down. anything left out will become a missle.
if the eye passes over and you feel you must, only go outside for a quick inspection. you can tell it's the eye because the wind stops suddenly and will start back up just as suddenly. you don't want to be caught to far from shelter. more trees fell when the eye passed as they were weak from the first half and the wind was in a different direction.
if you're not familar with chainsaws or working around trees don't get a pro model with a 20" bar and try to play Paul Bunyan. we had more deaths and injuries after the storm than during it.
if it's a pile of trees with pressure on some of them DON'T FUCK WITH IT!!! a guy I worked with tried to get some trees that were twisted together off his moms house. he cut one in the wrong order and it flipped his ass about 20 ft and he broke a leg, several ribs, punctured a lung, and nearly took out an eye.
have games and books for your kids. they will be wired and will push ALL your buttons. when you feel the pressure getting bad don't yell at them. go outside and scream at the sky or pick up an ax and take it out on a tree. I did both. it helped.

hope this helps.
take care and stay safe.


Great post!

These hurricanes really are serious business. If this summers heat wave has oceans in the north east meeting the gulf coast and caribbean temps, you may be in store for a monster.

The news mentions possibility of a category 4 in the Carolina's. By the time it hits NJ only at cat 2, lots of rain with strong wind but still a bad storm.

People die every time a large hurricane hits and hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in property damage occurs.

Protect yourselves and your property. Being dismissive is dangerous and if the storm fizzles and weakens, so what? You have extra bottled water and canned food. Who cares. A large hurricane will kick your ass every time. I don't think Pecos Bill lives on the east coast.


Listening to you guys talk about this makes me feel GREAT!!!. My wife is in NC (near but not on the coast) and I am in the effing middle-east. Talk about feeling helpless.


Well don't be paranoid, way more people survive. Usually the people who die are very old and didn't have the medicine they needed stock piled. Or they live directly on the coast, think they are superhuman and get swept out to sea, house and all, once the surge retreats.

If your wife is within a few miles of the water, she definitely should evacuate. At least to a friend or family member house a few more miles inland.

Other than that, if you can communicate with her, make sure she has water. If bottled water is hard to come by now, she can fill the bathtub and all sinks. Gross but potentially a life saver.

Neighbors tend to come together and pool resources and support. Even neighbors who don't like each other if you have that scenario.

Cell phone towers could be down for awhile, internet too, so if you don't hear from her, don't freak. Plus the network is super bogged down when towers come back up.

Preparation is mostly for comfort, unless you are old or otherwise in poor health.


well, did buy a nice camping lantern to be used this weekend if we need it along with plenty of batteries.

was thinking of getting a generator, planned on it anyways. But, I know nothing about them and will probably need time to research.


Took my sailboat to a temporary dock that's in a marina in a protected cove upriver. She was tied onto pilings near my house on Long Island Sound, where there's nothing to stop hurricane force winds from snapping the lines.


thoughts on this generator?

won't arrive in time for this weekend, but will get one


some things to add. tried to edit first post but it did weird shit.
GET EXTRA TOILET PAPER!!!you don't want to run out.
chain up your generator. it may walk off.
make sure you have some tasty snacks. the pleasure of stopping for a milky way bar break can take some pressure off.

some people turn fanatical about trying to keep the house clean by constantly sweeping and mopping. it's the way they feel like they have some control over the situation. let them work.
get some tarps and rope. you'll need them if you get a ripped up roof or busted windows.
extra trash bags. for cleanup, busted windows, rain coats.
you may find things like pictures or toys blown into your yard. keep them and try to find the owners. you'ed want others to do the same for you.


Freeze some plastic bags of water to cool your food. At least for a couple days anyway.

To the guy in the middle east. I feel for you. Does your wife have family around??


Silverblood- your good at this!!



The efficacy of all generators depends on it's power output vs. the needs of what ever you are trying to power.

Assess what you will be plugging in to it, how much total power you will need and then buy a generator that supports your demands.