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Hurricane Harvey, Stay Safe

Just wanted to check in with our Gulf Coast crew. I know there are some T-folks down around that way dealing with the storm. Hope you’re all keeping as safe as can be.

We had a thread back when Hurricane Sandy hit here a few years ago to help keep track of folks and coordinate news, updates, safety tips, and whatnot. This may be a couple days late, but might still be useful.


These things are floating around which is what I’d be scared about.

What is that?

Thanks man. Most of us are okay, we’re just dealing with all the damage.


Fire ants make a raft out of there bodies together during floods.

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Good to hear. The afterwards is definitely tough. I know there are still a lot of waterfront homes around here that still haven’t been repaired from Sandy, and that was 2012. I (fortunately) don’t have any firsthand experience since we squeaked by without serious damage, but sorting out insurance coverage and all that paperwork seems to be a huge ‘screw you’ on top of all the practical, more hands-on issues.


This is the song I think of every time a hurricane hits that part of the country. The ominousness is well delivered in the song. When the levee breaks, you are FUCKED. All men are equal in the face of it… Big and stong, fat and weak, old, young, rich or poor, none of it matters…

Not really sure about that man. I got my wife and kids outta Dodge primarily because I could afford to pay for hotel rooms and restaurant meals for a week. We supposedly weren’t in the worst-affected areas, and as it turns out we could have rode it out with no problem. But, I figured why risk it? A lot of people don’t have that option.

But yeah, we moved to Houston 7 days before the storm made landfall. Welcome to Texas, indeed.