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Hurricane Harvey and a Few Minor Injuries For Two Weeks

For the last two weeks, a lot has been going on, I had a few setbacks including a few piched nerves and now Hurricane Harvey. These past two weeks, I’ve only benched once, squatted twice, and deadlifted once. The next programed workout calls for 90% of my max and I’m not too sure about it after lifting inconsistently. What should I do when I return to the gym? Deload/reload? Retest my maxes and start the program over? Or just immediately go to the 90% workout after two weeks of not lifting consistently? P.S. I’m a beginner/intermediate lifter (2ish years).

IMO…you go back and begin with the week that was scheduled 1 week prior to the last complete week of training and begin from there.


^^ what he said. Stay safe man, haven’t been able to make it anywhere including the the gym. Our house is fine, but we are completely blocked in by the water.

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Thank you guys for the input! And stay safe during these hard times in Texas!