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hunters knives

Anyone know of good websites to find some kick ass hunters knives? I’m talkin Rambo style knives!

try spyderco

Do a search for cutleryshoppe (one word).

columbia river knife company

all good websites… thanks alot guys

Gerber…I’m not kidding. :slight_smile:


Are you talking skinning knives are just knives that look cool.

Just an FYI, “Rambo” style knives (i.e. huge blade, saw tooth back) suck for gutting/skinning game.

As sully26 said, they do suck for skinning game. The best knives I’ve used for skinning game are buck knives or any skinning knive with a t-handle. It allows you to skin without your wrist getting tired. Also, knives with a gut hook also help out. I’ve skinned everything from alligators to wild pigs to whitetail deer.

Try Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker website. His new blades look wicked.

(used in The Hunted)

I’m lookin for a knife that will scare the livin shit out of a would be attacker or a person breaking into a car.

Your best be would be to get the knife that most resembles a Glock-9

The company I recommended earlier is called Columbia River Knife and Tool, I’ve got a money clip with a little fold out tonto blade on it and I dig it…

Good luck in your search.

thanks alot guys… the Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker knife is freakin awesome.

gonna save up and get one.


Check out the Gil Hibben stuff. I like the one little duel bladed combat knife. It’s nasty. Tons of impractical stuff on here that will scare the shit out of most people. Ciao. :slight_smile: