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HunterKiller's Basic Training Log.


At some point in the future I will be shipping off to basic training for the United States Air Force.
I am currently studying for the AFOQT to be a pilot.
If that does not work I will be enlisting regardless.
I have passed my physical and taken the ASVAB score 93.

Max Bench: 230
Max Deadlift (no belt): 405
Max Squat (no belt): 260
Mile time: Unknown
Body Fat %: Unknown
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 196 lbs

Included is a general torso shot.

I need tips to help bullet proof my knees, and any other constructive advice for fitness and studying for the AFOQT. Though I have never seriously hurt them, it seems like my knees like to get tweaked and hurt more then I like.