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Hunter Labrada Wins Pro Debut - Tampa Pro 2020

Like father, like son! Hunter wins pro debut just like Lee did!
Is Hunter a legit Olympia threat right now, or is he a few years away still?


I had seen some photos of him before the contest, and honestly, the kid looks like a beast. If he’s got half the work ethic and class as his father, I’m sure he’ll go far. I don’t know about making Olympia predictions yet, but I guess time will tell


He will do well. I still think his dad has a more inspiring physique despite having much less size. I am biased towards a classic physique though. I suppose Hunter has a classic physique by today’s standards compared with most of the other Olympia contestants.


Being groomed by Lee will help him. He’s already so focused on conditioning.

Lee was pretty much peerless in terms of presentation onstage (conditioning and posing)


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He is as strong as a monster. The shape of neck is amazing