Hungry Shrimp Eat Climate Change Experiment

This made me chuckle

This is a good thing - let’s seed the oceans and boost whale / fish populations. YEAH!

Isn’t everyone overlooking the fact that nature is far more powerful and performs natural balancing? More CO2 means more phytoplankton etc…

The system is relatively balanced. For the entire time humans (or even mammals) have been around it has been stable. There is nothing we can do to stuff it up. NOTHING, even if we tried. Even if we TRIED. It is affected by forces beyond our control, if it shifts, we are all doomed. It is currently shifting away from the little ice age we just had. Glaciers melting - guess what? they are NOT MEANT TO BE THERE.

I am pretty sure that we could royally fuck it up if we really tried at least for humanity.

hahaha yes of course we can mess it up for US, haven’t we done that already in most places? cruddy food, diet, environment, air quality. and that’s just the 1st world

[quote]Cockney Blue wrote:

This made me chuckle[/quote]

It’s even funnier if you picture the model that describes that exact scenario, wadded up somewhere, sitting at the bottom of a trash can.

One of those see-through wire ones so it’s as obvious as possible to whoever threw it away to begin with.

And you picture them having said “Naaaah!” as they threw it over their shoulder into the trash.