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Hungry on the Anabolic Diet


The recent resurgence of articles concerning the Anabolic Diet inspired me to try it for myself. I wasn't getting the results I wanted from my previous diet plan (which basically included large quantities of lean mean and low-carb fruits and veggies), and so I decided that the AD was worth a shot.

I just wrapped up the third day, and something that I've noticed is that I am INSANELY hungry, and, from what I've heard, the high amount of dietary fat is supposed to curb hunger, not increase my appetite. Here's a few stats that may help

Weight: 210
Body Fat: Around 8-9%
Height: 6'4
Daily Caloric Intake: ~3800 (~30 carbs, at least 60-65% fat, 30-35% protein)
Type of Food:

Cheese (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, Swiss)

Meat (Turkey Sausage, Churizo, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, and occasionally
chicken when I find myself needing to catch up with protein)

Fats (Fish Oil Supplement, Nuts, Olive Oil)

Veggies (When I have room for the carbs, something like spinach, zucchini, other low net carb veggies. I also grabbed some Benefiber to increase my intake)

Water (Typically as much as I can tolerate; I've been drinking more to control my appetite)

Sometimes I will use a scoop, at most two, of whey protein to get my protein as close to 35% as possible if it's lagging behind (low carb powder)

That's really the most pertinent information that I can include. I haven't really experienced any of the negative symptoms besides a bit of a headache on that first day since my diet has been SUPER clean for at least five years now.

If you've experienced this or have any advice to help me control my hunger, I would love to hear it. I don't expect hunger to be a problem once I start trying to bulk up to 225, but I don't want to be hungry for the next two weeks while my body undergoes the metabolic shift.

Thanks, all.


anabolic diet makes me ravenously hungry 24/7 as well. drinking alot of water helps. so does 2oz olive oil shots :slight_smile:

a pack of pepperoni sticks also helps curb appetite nicely.


My totally scientific explanation is that I haven't had red meat in so long that my inner man is saying, "You $%#&ing pussy! I can't believe you haven't let me eat a steak in nearly a decade. GET. IN. MAH. BELLY."



my theory is by not consuming wheat and gluten products, my body is finally digesting food properly and therefore im constantly hungry. which is my bodys way of making me eat more so i grow more.

totally speculation though :slight_smile:


if it is a PROBLEM, then i would recommend trying intermittent fasting

im asking, are you complaining or what?

also a tbsp of fiber w/ 20 oz water curbs my hunger pretty well


I wouldn't say it's a problem; it's definitely manageable. Keeping my water intake up and occasionally mixing in some Benefiber definitely helps. Like I said, I don't anticipate it being a problem while I'm bulking, but I'm thinking that if I'm this hungry when I'm getting around 4000 Calories a day, I'm going to die when I drop down to 3000 or so to cut.

The consensus that I found throughout people with experience on AD claimed that hunger was never an issue because their consumption of dietary fat was so high, so I was mainly looking for some extended insight into other people's personal experience with hunger.


4000 cals and youre hungry? jeez lol. i stay around 2500 on a damn bulk, i cut at like 2200.


well if it's the only the third day then maybe it's just your body still relying on carbs and signaling that it wants them

come back if after the shift you still have the hunger issues


Once you get threw the 12 days its easy. Since you are eating 18xBW at 60% fat you really shouldnt be hungry fat satisfies like nothing else 4 reelz...

Try this its garunteed to make you full

1/2lb hamburger 80/20 2 oz of jack cheese in center of burger
pan fry burger in bacon greese
Top with slice of cheese
3 slices of bacon
1 or 2 fried eggs
2 tbsp of mayo
wrap in giant letuce leaf & njoy
Side dish whole cottage cheese
drink protien shake 2 scoops plus mix in a cap full of olive oil

If your still hungry after this then your screwed

try these for meals full slabs of ribs, lamb is best for fat
Cook vegies in olive oil or real butter
Carb free jello plus heavy cream is a good snack 2

Your just new to this break the chains of lean meats. Eat fatty meats & cook in animal fat for xtra fat. Before I did AD I was paleo for about 4 months so AD is easy. Eat like a caveman M-F then SA/SU pizza & beer (jk clean carbs is best) its realy fuckin easy you will get it


I'll pop by after the first two weeks to give an update. Thanks for the input, all.


As touched on earlier, why not cycle carbs and calories. Low carbs, low cals on rest days, high carbs, higher cals on workout days with most of the food taken in the 2 hr window following training. IF (intermittent fasting) also works well in 2 respects:

1) You eat bigger meals (you eat all your cals within an 8 hr window)
2) Fasting for 16 hours gets your body used to going without food for longer periods of time so you actually don't feel hungry as much.


Because that's not the Anabolic Diet...?


This. ^ The hunger you're experiencing could well be cravings caused by the change in diet. The level of cravings depends on your previous way of eating. The more drastic the change, the more intense the cravings will be. It's just your body's reaction.

Don't skimp on the fats during the induction phase. It's a common mistake to underestimate fat intake based on previous food patterns. Increased fat consumption will buffer cravings to an extent, but you're still going to feel the effects of the transition, especially during the first few days.


I've found that spacing my meals more evenly and drinking a lot of water at meals has really helped. Typically I'd get like an 800 Calorie breakfast and 2000 Calories in peri-workout nutrition, leaving only 1000 Calories to spread between snacks.

Thanks for all of the help, guys.


Unbelievable how anyone can stay hungry on this. This is my fifth day & forcing food down. & now trying to eat bigger calorie foods. Just shoved 4 beef hot-dogs & 7 pieces of cheddar cheese cubes down the pike. Smothered it in mustard too.

Good luck Obi.


I get hungry with almost 4000cals too. It sucks. I jsut wanted to throw that in there. Water and diet pop help.


you're like me then. a dozen eggs feels like a snack to me lol


yep. I will call 5oz dry oatmeal plus 200-300g of greek yogurt some PB and an 8 oz peice of chicken or steak a warm up meal.


OK here is my bla bla bla . . . yup I'm in and around 4000 - 4500 cals a day give or take and at first when I started ingesting that amount I was full but now I'm used to it and I find now after 3 hours I'm ready for my next feeding . . and I get hot flashes to lol . . energy out the back end . . as for the fat issue YES I agree I usually have my fat higher than the prescribed ratio and it works for me