Hungry Like Hell !

Hey guys,

I have just finish 1 month cycle with ECA (24/200/325), went pretty well, I eat very clean for at least two months and I lost 20lbs.

I have started last week a new cycle with Test and Tren A.

My problem is that since Monday, I am so hungry. I don’t know why I keep doing the same diet as I d it for the last two months (without cravings).

Is that normal, could it be induced by the AAS cycle or the end of the ECA cycle ?


test greatly increases my appetite!! And im sure you got used to curbing your appetite with ephedrine, so yes that could be a factor.

Four days later, i am starting ro feel better, craving has decreased… Ouf… It was a rough time !

Tren is an appetite killer for most people so I do find it weird if it’s the real stuff. Of course, ending the ECA means an increase in your appetite compared to what you were used to.