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Hungry All the Time


The following curb appetite for me:

  • 100% Cranberry juice (90ml watered down)
  • Greek Yoghurt w/cinnamon and berries
  • Dark Chocolate (85% minimum, 25-50grams)
  • extra veggies, particularly fermented stuff like sauerkraut

Give it a shot, calories are minimal


sauerkraut is good. Good source of sodium too.


I actually think the poster above was right and I just wasn’t eating enough. I have two weeks on holiday to recover now as I stalled tonight then when I am back, I will drop the weights 10kg or so and build back up but perhaps go just 3-4 times a week instead of 5-6 and eat a few hundred more calories.


Don’t worry about! You seem like you’re enjoying yourself and who am I to stop you? hahahaha. I have the answer to the problem anyway.


Perhaps you would best The Punisher in 10 sports, but I fail to see the relevance in this thread. The OP is not asking for any advice about 10 miscellaneous sports. He is a relative novice weightlifter seeking to add poundage to his squat and deadlift; something that many people here have achieved but you have provided zero documented evidence of ever doing. So I’m honestly wondering why you even post here. You don’t seem to have any interest or achievement in the main pursuits that people discuss on this site, and your unspecified and unnamed achievements in other sports (which, also, you provide no evidence of anyway) are immaterial in the context of a thread in which a novice weightlifter asks for advice.