Hungry All the Time

I am hungry all the time. I got back from the gym before and I had a venison steak, some potatoes and some steamed veg. A little olive oil on the potatoes and some mustard on the side for dipping into. I finished the whole plate… and was still hungry. I had a spoonful of almond and coconut butter. I am currently in bed and I am hungry still. What should I do? I am aware I will put on some fat but I am so hungry all the time that I am worried I will put on a lot.

I am guessing somebody will ask this so I will preempt it: My routine is a fullbody and I am still racking up the noobie gains with linear progression. I did 92.5kg on the squat (5x5). I have been training 5 days a week on average. No signs of fatigue. I am still below how much I was lifting a few months ago before I had to take time off. I squat everyday and deadlift every other day. I do weighted chin ups and dips and then all the other usual exercises (bench, rows, overhead press) every other day too.

I too am hungry all the time.

The thing I do is be hungry or be fat.

I had a 1.5lb t-bone steak with dinner tonight. I am already looking forward to my next meal.


Hahahaha good work.

I thought this may be the case but I was hoping there would be a middle ground. There must be some low calorie snacks out there…



Eat more fibre and protein. Whey shakes with chia seeds and spinach will do it.

I used to be hungry all the time but not so much now.

My diet is primarily protein and fiber.

Dude, in general, you should avoid giving advice.


Dude, I don’t give a shit what you think.

Well at least we have that in common.

Where we differ is on results :slight_smile:


PB&J with a shake right before bed.

Its like a hug for your tummy.

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Yeah, you are a know it all.

Perhaps, but I am also more successful than you at this.


Successful at what? Being a jerk on the internet. You win.

No, being big and strong. Sorry for the confusion. I will avoid any and all ambiguity with the following sentence.

You should not give advice, because you have not accomplished anything worthwhile in the endeavor of physical training. I may be a know it all, but I have demonstrated success in these pursuits.

If you are still confused, please let me know, and I will do my best to explain further. I have noticed that, in many of our interactions, there has been a significant degree of confusion, and I would be more than happy to clarify.


You talk like a guy with no life and your advice is just crap.

Do tell what makes you an expert on nutrition?

Be hungry or get fat is just daft advice.

"because you have not accomplished anything worthwhile in the endeavor of physical training. "

What would you know champ?

I’d back myself in 10 sports against you.

I gave no advice. Again, it seems you are confused in this instance.

I shared that I too am hungry all the time, and how I deal with it. I did not advocate that they do the same.

This is one of the other reasons I say you should not give advice. Along with being unaccomplished (as you admit), you tend to misunderstand the discussion very often.

I eagerly await any/all evidence you have of your physical abilities :slight_smile:

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You need to get a life. Steaks and deadlifts isnt much of one.

Happy to challenge you to a run, swim, fight, golfing match etc.

Put up some cash and I will take it. Otherwise go back to your steak.

Negative. I have nothing to gain from this. I already know you are unaccomplished. You are unable to produce any evidence to the contrary. I have plenty of evidence to document my ability, and I provide it for free, as I have nothing to hide :slight_smile:

If you ever wish to demonstrate any of your success for the sake of giving credibility to your words, I’d be more than happy to observe it. I would love to be proven wrong and discover that you are in fact very accomplished, but I do not believe that will happen.


Not surprised you are too gutless to put up cash for a sporting challenge.

Put up or go stalk somebody else.