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Hungry After Eating


This is going to sound strange. When I eat a big meal, I just had a chicken breast and 3 cups of broccoli, I get really hungry. I mean really hungry like stomach growling hungry. Why the hell would I get so hungry within a few minutes of eating such a meal?


No offence dude, but a chicken breast and some broccoli will not be considered a big meal by anyone other than a 120lb female figure competitor on this site.

Some post on this site crack me up, they really do ;0)


Sounds to me like a genetic predisposition that you can blame your parents for.


Ha ha damn. I thought it was a decent size meal. It put me at 2800 calories for the day which I was told on this site that is what I should be eating to cut some body fat. I guess I need to have a long talk with my parents. Maybe I was adopted.


I have the same problem if my meal consists of only protein and carbs. Throw some healthy fats into the mix (half an avacado maybe), and I bet you’ll be satiated longer. In the mornings I add some coconut oil to my oat bran. For snacks, I add natural peanut butter.


so you are on a calorie deficit , you are hungry and asking why.


@kjm thanks for actually providing an answer. I’ll try that.


@reconbyfire I know why I’m hungry I was curious why I got so hungry so soon after eating.


In your original post you mentioned nothing about fat loss and calorie deficit; Just Im hungry. So how do expect people to answer

Because you arent eating enough of what you normally do

The type of foods you are eating

Your state of hunger prior to eating

and so on. It can be one or numerous things.

When I did the velocity diet I was hungry because I kept the same training program. A friend cut his work load and was reasonably satisfied.

Change up your food items and see what feels better in your belly\

Best of luck


@moogweasel maybe I used the wrong adjective to describe the meal. I know what a big meal is. I didn’t get to be 240 pounds and 37% body fat by not knowing what a big meal is. That is why I am where I am and feel like shit all the time. At the end of that day that meal was all the calories I was allowed to keep them at 2800 as directed by members of this forum. It was just odd to me that I was hungrier after I ate than before that’s all.


@reconbyfire you’re right. I left out the fact that I am in a deficit. That was my fault. It was just odd to me that I was hungrier after I ate than I was before I ate.


see my edit above

The velocity diet has helped many


Because the crap you were eating before, is addictive AF! Now, your brain is “wanting” it back.
It’s like an all consuming fire you can’t put out.
I bet you feel like a heroin addict needing a fix?

I know this is a slippery slope for most people and I will not debate the subject. Just hold strong, it will take a few weeks, but it will pass.

Charles Poliquin has some articles about it.


@reconbyfire I thought about trying that diet myself. Scaling back the workouts makes sense. What were your results from the 28 days?


@ChickenLittle that is a good way to describe it. It almost felt like my body was rejecting the food. Wierd I know but that’s what it felt like. I think it wants the pizza and tacos back. It’s actually pretty disgusting to think about the shit I have been putting in my body for 44 years. Knee surgery sidelined my activity but that’s no excuse for the rest of my life. Anyway it’s clean eating from now on. Once my withdrawal period is over I’m hoping I start to crave healthy food instead of the shifty stuff.


A friend suggested the Velocity Diet and Dan John did it.

I am almost 50 yo.

105 kg to 96kg. 6 weeks.

Used products available to us locally over here in Asia

We all used the mirror, had other people take pictures, and they, the gym, judged us accordingly.

Besides the true mirror difference, I felt great. Since then my eating habits have changed for the best, for me, after slowly introducing items back into my meals.

Now I am big on Protein, fats, greens, fruit, and nuts. The only daily starchy thing is rice since I am in Asia. Eat a whole pizza every other weekend, wings, Mexican and so on.

Right after the Vdiet I learned I hate peri-carbs. For some time I followed a well respected program, non-Tnation related, in use by many lifters and bodybuilders… My body crashed all the time from the recommended carbs.

Another friend who owns a supplement business recommended BCAAS along with a few other over the counter ingredients for peri(pre,during, post) nutrition since I had no luck with the eating plan i followed after the vdiet. THe carbs did me in daily.

Went from a 3 day program to 5 days. Powerbuilding/strength type cycles.

Just Full of damn energy.

Now I am back up to 107kg with visible abs, but not a ‘6pack’ after a year off the vdiet. the 6 pack was never a goal. Muscle and strength gains with some athleticism to keep up with all my kids.

The Vdiet was the key for me. It rid me of bad habits and cleaned my out. Learned so much about myself.

Read Issuance of Insanity 3: Nutritional Psycho by Jamie Lewis. The Ebook is almost 300 pages and is full of great info.


@reconbyfire we have similar goals. I’m not trying to reach 5% BF and six pack abs. I just want to lose the gut, the man boobs and feel better. I have the young kids too, 6 and 8 and I can’t keep up with them. More energy would be great and looking better wouldn’t be bad either. My wife would probably like that part.

I haven’t taken any supplements mostly because I don’t know what works and what doesn’t. They all claim the same thing but how do you know. I have tried pre workout supplements but didn’t feel any different. Thanks for the info.


Ok, understood - apologies for the sarcastic response. You failed to provide details initially so the question was taken at face value.

I generally concur with the other opinions - add some healthy fats to slow down

Also more detail in regards to meal frequency, timing and how long you’ve been dieting would be beneficial.


@moogweasel no apologies necessary. I should have been more clear.

Typically I eat 3 meals a day. 7AM breakfast, 12PM lunch and then dinner somewhere around 5 or 6. I try to get my carbs first thing on the morning and then none the rest of the day. I’ve only been dieting for about a week so I know I need to get used to it.

By dinner time I’m usually pretty hungry. Right after dinner I feel like I’m fucking starving for an hour or so then it goes away.