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Hungry 30 Min. After Eating


Have any of you been hungry 30 min or so right after eating??? It is driving me nuts. I am eating 6-7 meals a day, as missions allow. My breakfast is p/c and the next is p/f...

I eat a good balanced meal at each sitting, food options are not always the best. (chow halls). But 3-4 days a week I will be hungry 30 min or so after eating, the meal i notice it the most on is dinner. Even when i eat until i am full I still get hungry. No certain food seems to make a difference, chicken is my usual protein and rice is my carb(not white rice of course).

I am 23 and have only been lifting and dieting seriously for about 1 year now. I am currently deployed so i do my best with lifting and dieting but cant be perfect!!! My general goals are of course to get stronger and also maintain my APFT. I have gained 35 lbs in the year (natural) and my bf has staye the same w/i 1%. I am doing 10x3 with 90% of the lifts being multi joint exercises (once again of course).

I am learning as much as I can and know 1000 times more that i did when i started lifting thanks mostly to this site and all of your great advice!!! I am just curious if anyone else has ever had similar probelms. Thank you


How much water do you drink? Also, sounds like your still not hittin the mark nutritionally. If you weren't deployed I'd say take a good multi to make up for what your missing. Outside of that maybe take in more carbs? Why do i have a feelin someone is gonna bash me for sayin that lol. Oh well thats my .02


Is there any fiber in those meals... fiber and fats can slow down digestion and keep you feeling full longer.

Two other things off the top of my head that can make you feel hungry:

1) Low blood sugar after a bunch of quickly absorved carbs are consumed.

2) Cooling off.

Remember as a kid when sometimes it would be "too hot to eat" during summer? Well, if you sit around in an air conditioned environment in shorts and a t-shirt after your meals, you are likely to notice an increased appetite pretty quickly.


I guarantee your not eating enough protein at each meal


I do eat more fats than carbs due to the crappy source of carbs we have here. I due take a good multi and actually have doubled on it due to virus season coming up. I drink plenty of water and usually have a chicken breast and leg for dinner or breast and some source of beef. Damn that just sounds wrong.

The fact that i am not eating enogh has crossed my mind but even when i eat till i am full it still happens. Maybe i should just stop worrying and eat again lol. But i always have to now why something is the way it is. I appreciate all the help so are and am anxious to see others opinions.


I am usually out in the fiel all day, eat dinner, and then get to my room, check on my soldiers and chill so this is a possibility!
Thanks vroom


Quit eating Chinese food.

Seriously, with the training on top of your every day routine, you probably can not eat enough. If you get full (I don't know what that means), subsitute good fats for some of those carbs. If you start getting fat, then worry about it, but thus far you haven't. Satiety comes from fat and protein.



I find chomping on a portion of almonds helps with the occasional mid meal cravings.


Water, food that is NOT quickly digested. MEAT Fiberous veggies and fruts, and MORE of all the above


eat more protein, can't believe you are honestly hungry if you are eating a proper breakfast


This is most likely caused by blood glucose being low, and in general your balances of electrolytes out of whack, try getting more water with your meals, it is possible you need more food unless u are dieting. Don't avoid sodium.


Who gives a shit if you are still hungry, that'll work in your favour if you wanna get bigger, as long as your eating 1.5 gram protein per lbm.


do you take asprin or drink coffee exesivly? I ask because the symptoms you describe could also be acid reflux or peptic ulcer...not a doctor though,just a thought