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Hunger Games


i fell into the hype, and baught and read 'Hunger Games' from wally word (only 6.29) Anyways, maybe I've missed it, but I'm supprised this hasn't had any threads about it. Anyone one else read it? I think there could be a lot of good discussions about a lot of the situations in the book.


From what I gather, this is a story about a futuristic dystopian society that forces people to compete to the death in a game for the amusement of others. Isn't that the general plot from Death Race 2000?


You're showing your age again, Doc. :slight_smile:


I know man, it sucks. I have to just accept the fact that I am not a "young man" anymore. I really sucks that half the movies that come out these days are just rip offs of movies that were made decades ago. Oh well, as long as they leave Cool Hand Luke alone, I won't complain too much.


Off topic but... One of these days, would be great if you told us some about your experiences living in Russia. I for one am quite curious about the differences between living there vs. the U.S post cold war.


Well it was a book before it was a movie. You know what they say. Every story has been told you just have to find a different more unique way of telling it. I liked the movie and I might read the books...IDK


Btw, third most earnings in a box office opening weekend in history. Only behind the Dark Knight and the 2cd Harry Potter.


Tell you what, I will make a thread about it tomorrow after work. It could be an excellent topic for those of us who were not raised in America, and for any others who were raised at least in part in a communist regime, to discuss the differences between our experiences between where we came from and here.


I haven't seen the movie. But, if you liked it, you should really like the book


Thanks! No haste though, your profession sounds like a busy one...

I was born in the DDR, so I might even be able to contribute some, even if it's just life in former eastern Germany vs. post-unification times.


Well, if i did ever see Death Race 2000, it was when I was younger and don't remember it. But, in the book the majority of the 'districts' don't find entertainment in the games.


Seems like Battle Royale for today's emo kids.


I enjoyed the first book and I am half way through the second. Well written engaging fun read.


Maybe i will pick it up and read it on my Kindle


Well, they have to change enough to avoid a lawsuit (remember Vanilla Ice), but my girlfriend wants to see it so I am taking her on Friday night. I hope it is not too bad.


I have listened to the first two and would like to read the third but that will have to wait. I have read four pages for pleasure since the semester began (in between bouts of praying to the porcelain throne when I had the stomach flu). So, sometime in June maybe.

I heard the movie was okay compared to the book. The book is not written for a PG-13 format. Strangely enough, the amount of nudity is probably better suited for HBO.


I'm gonna pick up the next 2 books, tomorrow.


I was a little pissed when I heard the movie was pg13.


Post your thoughts after seeing the movie. Just remember like texag said the read is not pg-13


I read all the books before I let my kids read them. Very good, all.