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Hunger from the pits of Hell

I just started taking Tribex-500 about 2 weeks ago, and I must say that I am have unbelievable cravings. Mainly for crap foods such as cookies, white bread and the like. So, the reason for my post is, is there an effective, non-stimulant appetite supressant? Also, with elevated T levels, is this normal? I’m actually trying to shed some fat right now so this is a problem. Thanks.

Are you cutting carbs at all? Cutting carbs or just dieting down can make you crave some crazy shit.

Yep. I was the king of low carbing in the past, getting my BF superlow last summer. But after winter and too many cheat meals I became lazy and put on about 7-10 pds of good old lard, plus some muscle though. Now, I’m on JM’S dont diet, going for about 2500 a day, at 6’0, 190. I stick to it great. Then it seems like once a week or so the deficit catches up with me and I become ravenous. My body is smart dude. Anyways, I’m home for the summer at my mom’s and dad’s, getting ready to return to school next week. The problem is mom is the greatest friggin baker in the world. For example, today I had to finally eat those oatmeal raisen cookies that were taunting me all week. MD6 and T2PRO dont even help these cravings. In fact I think the T2 increases my hunger! Dramatically! So, is there any “magic” out there that can kill these cravings? My willpower is taxed, and I’m no newbie to this game. I hear good things about 5HTP, but will it make me wirey? And, again, is the tribex compounding my hungers? Thanks.

You dropped your calories too much. Up them by 500 and see if you get the same cravings. If so up them another 250 if you still do then you could be off with something else. The only time I get mad cravings is if I drop off calories too quickly. I would try the above the other possibility is a vitamin deficiancy.

I’ll try that Knuckle. I also devised and started a new total body workout, 3X a week with 45 min of cardio after. I know, I know. You think this is the culprit. BUT, before this I was hitting the gym 4X a week, splits, with 55 min of cardio and no problems then. Probably just the cals. Thanks.