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Hungarian Oak Leg Blast


hi guys, just wondering if this would be an effective finisher to a lower body strength workout, or is it likely to contradict the strength gains?


High reps do nothing for strength, but can be great for size.

If you can squat 135 for 2 minutes at the end of your leg workout you're either fucking awesome or training legs wrong, but try it and tell us how it works out for you.


I've done this before...squatting 135 for 2 minutes is absurdly hard at the end of a workout.

I would have to disagree with the high reps do nothing for strength...I have employed them on both squats and leg press (15-25 on squats and 20-50 on leg press) and I have to say that they at least contributed somewhat to my strength development. Obviously there are better ways to get stronger (train in the 90-100 percent range), but I wouldn't say that high reps do nothing for strength.


yeah i my workout consists of maxing out on the squat and front squat, i was just considering this for a finisher and a fat burner, ill let you guys know how it goes


kakno.. you said high reps can be great for size but i thought this would use slow twitch fibres and it was the fast twitch that had a high capacity for growth?

definitely not saying you're wrong, i'm just curious :slight_smile:




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You might want to check out the I Hate Squats Club log on the Over 35 forum. He's been doing a hi rep squat routine for the past month and has impressive results.


just finished my leg workout with the blast, 40kg for about 33 reps, for me it was very very hard


You clearly fall under awesome.

Yeah, saying "nothing" is wrong of course, but as you say, there are better ways to get your 1RM up than repping out 135.

That gets thrown around often on this site, but the slow twitch fibers can also grow. What if you got all types of fibers to grow?


the objective here, i presume, isn't improving his 1rm but getting bigger legs.


No that's not the objective, I wanted to use it as a sort of conditioning extra for my workout and wanted some opinions on what impact this would have


Not to sound like an ass here or anything, but you do realise that you're in the bodybuilding section right?

Am I reading your stats right;

6 foot 1
7% bodyfat


And you're worried about conditioning/fat burning??

Put more weight on, then you'll get stronger/bigger.

To get more on track with the thread topic, yes, high volume training for legs works well (typically done along with a high intensity/heavy set...which does not interfere with strength gains unless you were doing too much and not recovering from it).

But to be clear; you need to get your goals focussed more. Weight training is for getting stronger/bigger/maintenance, not cardio or whatever. That is, if you are bodybuilding.


nah theyre not my stats, and yeah i guess youre right, thanks for the help :slightly_smiling:




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high rep squats are awesome for growth as long as progressive overload principle is applied. shoot for say, 50 reps and add 5lbs every week for 6 weeks and see if you don't gain size.


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Unless being being restricted to some weight class for athletic purposes, do yourself a favour and strike "conditioning", "high rep finishers", "fat burning" from your workouts.

Good training-