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Hungarian Oak Leg Blast vs 20 Rep Squat


Hi guys,
I wonder what will give me the best overall mass in my legs, the Hungarian Oak Leg Blast or the classic 20 rep squat?
Hungarian Oak Leg Blast


I think it's a personal preference. I wouldn't say you'll experience a huge difference doing one over the other. Do the Hungarian Oak Leg Blast for the 8 weeks, and then do the 20 rep squats and see which one you like better. They're obviously both great for growth. I don't see how you could prove one to be better than the other. So do both!


I missed that article. Squatting for 8 straight minutes sounds awful, just plain awful.


Easy, combine both. For every session, first do the 20rep squats and then the other stuff. After training drink at least 3 gallons of milk with your cheeseburgers.


The above is a recipe for throwing up 3 gallons of milk and cheeseburgers.


Then you just don't have the genetics to get really, really huge.


Am I...am I being trolled?


Or go to the milk IV while squatting.


Now that is just silly.


Yeah, everyone knows freebasing milk is the way to go.


I don't care how long I rested between reps or if I used only the bar, that 8 minutes of squating sounds like it would break something in my legs.