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Hungarian Oak Leg Blast is Awesome! (So Far)


My god! Just a heads up I’m on day one and I just got done. I thought I was pretty tough, 405 lb squats for 5s, 315 for 15+, but wow, by the end of that first two minutes I had 46 reps under my belt and a nice fire in my legs. Now the extensions, I started at 160, just a fraction of what I normally rep out for 6-12. The first ten came up no problem, right around 15, my legs WOULDN’T move, it was amazing, dropped it to 130 and barely made it to 22. Had to swallow my pride and finish at 70. Friggin 70! And it felt like the whole stack! The hammy curl was uneventful, I’ve been doing rest pause leg curls for a while, but man my legs feel like jello and I can’t wait to get to week 8. Thank coach Thib, you’re programs and tips are always the best. Anyway, give it a try on your next leg day and you won’t be disappointed. Before and after pics coming in a month.