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Hungarian Oak and Band Training

Hello everyone. I will have to travel for two months and I was wondering If I could buy some bands and trying to do the Hungarian Oak workout with them. I’ve tried to do front squats with a band for two minutes straight and Is a hell of a pump. I was asking myself If that could work and how would you approach a band only workout for the rest of the body. Thank you all!

Calling @ChongLordUno for travel training that’s effective and needs no equipment

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Can’t go wrong with the wolf man

This one annihilated my legs

Can I also add that as of late, I’ve been hammering air squats for super high reps. Maybe it’s just me but I can definitely see some leg growth. I usually grab something and hold it for the whole set as well now and again.

OP could pack his overnight bag and do 300 reps while holding it all the way throughout :joy:

Through most of lockdown I done a ton of single leg bw Squats, or superslow/high rep air Squats, as well as some runs and sprints, and my legs definitely grew more than in the gym. But keep in mind in the gym I generally do strength based training, especially when it comes to Squats, partially because of a back injury, I lose tightness easier with high reps.

Same here @bert2145 mate

It’s obviously the new stimulus. Gets you conditioned as fuxk my man

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Thank you all!! I’ll definetely try It!

It does for sure. Nothing like a squat and burpee ladder up and down

Wolf power my man

He definitely have me a new perspective on training, it’s great because if I have to time for gym training I can always do a burpee based workout and I cover most bases, and also stops me from getting too fat haha

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