How many inches would you guys say a penis would have to be, to be considered hung?

Average keeps getting shorter & shorter. When Kinsey was around, he sent out these cards so guys could put their dicks up against against them, make a mark & send it back. The average he got was something like 6.65", but there wasn’t a standard measuring method. Then Sheik (I think) did a study so they’d know how big to make their stuff & their average was something like 6.2". Just recently (this year), a bunch of nurses set up a tent outside a bar during spring break & took a decent-sized sample of 500 guys. Their average was just under 6, like 5.8-5.9, so now I can sleep at night. In my handy Illustrated Book of Sexual Records, it says the longest ever in recorded history was exactly 13". I’d say that’s pretty hung. TC wrote about porn stars & this sort of stuff in one of his Atomic Dog columns.

I don’t know what you’re so worried about (you wouldn’t ask if you weren’t). Read anything-Maxim, Stuff, Gang O’Babes, etc. They all say that guys who are more realistic about their size are way better in bed than the guys who have way more than they need & think that size alone is good enough. I think I’d only worry if mine looked mor like a clitoris than a weenie.

8 inches hard. I would say that is pretty well hung.

The University of SF did a study, using an injection that induces erections. Nurses did the measuring. The average was about 5.2" So if you’ve got a full 6 incher or more, you’d be really hung. I had roommate in college who used to parade his dick around after showers because it was 7". Ha ha, what a weird Irishman he was. My other roommate was a huge Jewish guy who only had, what in retrospect was an average penis, but he fretted all the time about it being too small. Since he was such a big guy, it looked even smaller. But his girlfriends never seemed to complain–at least not about his penis. I never walked around nude, because I didn’t want them to know that it was only average.

hey Natey, not worried, i was just curious, i am average and happy with what i have.

13inches soft or hard. There was this guy on howard stern who had one that he said was like 14in when hard.

Those DogFart guys are hung too.

Anyone else ever thought of this? The heart is a much more important sex organ than the penis. If you can’t get the blood down there then you can’t do anything.

anything over 6 is hung

Wouldn’t individual women have to establish the guidelines of what is and isn’t hung? There are some real size queens out there (nothing under 9 inches), and then there are women that don’t care much at all. Also, what I hear over and over, it’s not the length, it’s the width (not necessarily girth, mind you, but width).

If you can wrap it around your quad like i can…

I think you better priorotise your legs joel, because that quad of yours sounds mighty small. :slight_smile:

Just know it’s long enough to get caught in the zipper…ouch

they’d have to call you subhuman if you had a 9 inch penis

yeah my legs are kind of small, only like 24 inches. Yeah it sucks let me tell ya.

big enough to fit in your mouth, now shut and ask a relavent question.

Everyone knows that the dogfart is all camera angles. Heheh. :slight_smile: