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Hunchtrap of Notra Dame - Help


hi thanks for the replies in advance , ive got a seriously under developed left trap !!!

this is from years of picking up bags of sand using the same side and from using 14lb sledge hammers day in day out. ive started using single arm shrugs whilst holding heavy with the opposite arm....any suggestions how i can even up over the coming months would be greatly appreciated....
ve been workin on my traps for some while now and have a question or three?

is it okay to use alternate grip when barbell shrugging? ive been training for about six months now but ive always had a physical job so a fair bit of weight feels natural.
i really seek large traps like austins or goldbergs...

my personal best is 227kgs for 6 reps with very little range and i dont use straps.
i start with 8 reps @ 120kgs
rear shrugs 8 reps @120kgs
front shrugs 8 reps @ 160kgs
6 to failure @ 200kgs
these all have a decent range of motion

then i come back down the weights, i also mix these up with hise shrugs and dumbell shrugs 40 kgs for hise and around 70kgs for dumbells (using the smith bar and a tricep bar)(biggest dumbells in gym are only 40kg i use these for incline forward shrugs.

today i went for a irpm at 250kgs on the smith machine, i managed to raise the bar but couldn`t shrug it :frowning: i think my mistake was i tried wearing gloves and this lessened my grip?

i train traps 2-3 times a week and would appreciate any advice as the power look will be mine !!!!!

ps my body weight is 90kg dead with a bmi of 28.4 and 17.4%body fat at 35yrs old.
thanks all


I say add in etra workout and use exactly what brought the other one up. a sand bag and sledge. Just use the other side, a few mins a few days a week on top of your regular work. it'll take time but will catch up.


Oh and I wouldnt OVERDO the trap work you are doing. Three days of pyramid/drop sets is a TON of work for one week and not much time to heal/grow. If your DLing etc on top of that well.


Switch hands on your nightly date buddy.

Just messing with you, I don't think we can give you the answer to this, but just do what you used with the other side. And when you workout your traps or upper back work your weak side first.


[quote]Chris Adams wrote:
Switch hands on your nightly date buddy.

dont think i can undo 24yrs of dating with the same hand lol

just been @ gym...regarding shrugging i fought my instinct and just did
heavy shrugs with the left trap...
warm up 10reps x 88lbs (db)
8 x 110 (smith mc bar)(hold the 88db in rh)
8 x 220
failiure @ 6 x 220
10 x 220 (both hands

front incline shrugs 2 x 10 x 88lb db
all with good range except the failure set.

gonna have to hit the sac now.. i`m smoked !!!!!


here`s a pic of the HUNCHTRAP himself !!!!!!


maybe you should refer this question to one of the experts.


If I were you I'd worry more about my limit strength first, then move on to hypertrophy goals.


Have someone check your back for any scoliosis. Even a few degrees of a discreet curvature in the thoracic spine can cause this appearance. If this is part of the problem, not much to be done about it. If not, I hope it works out for you.


whats your reasoning behind this advice? wouldnt it make more sense to get the muscles to allmost the same size so that all strength work will be distributed more evenly rather than one side taking all the work?


Granted I don't know much, but the size difference doesn't seem all that bad.

Also, the guy is lacking muscularity in the chest and midsection which led me to conclude that he's neglecting heavy pressing, squats, or deadlifts. Maybe he's not, I don't know.

Getting the left trap up should not be his main focus, in my opinion. Definitely should contact one of the coaches for advice.