Hunched Shoulders


Whenever I do bench pressing my I notice my shoulders feel even more hunched forward than usual. Now I’ve noticed the same thing after doing bodyweight dips. Can anyone advise me how to correct this please? I’m not sure if I need to do more pulling alongside my press work or ditch bench press and dips altogether whilst stepping up pull movements until things are better. Or more extremely ditching dips and benches permanently.

It sounds like you have an imbalance here. If your chest and front delts are overly tight they will pull your shoulders forward, while weak rear delts and lats can further aggravate this. Lots of band pull aparts, Rows, rear delt Flyes, can help this. There’s no need to drop the chest exercises, but if you’re pressing far more than you’re pulling, you’re in for trouble eventually. If your shoulders are hunching forward WHILE doing bench and dips and not just afterwards, that’s a big problem and you need to evaluate your form. Since you said it only happens afterwards I would imagine you just need to work on your posture and your posterior chain.

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This is a great article, the moving Blackburn’s series is great for shoulder stability and upper back strength, plus it has other necessary exercises.

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