Hunched and/or Turned in Shoulders

first time posting… i’m 16 and have been training seriously for almost 2 years now (not seriously about 4) and for the last 3 months have stopped training almost completely because my shoulders are “turned in” and i think this because of me starting out only doing heavy bench presses and shoulder presses for the first 2 years and still even when i was training seriously not doing a whole lot of rear delt work and back… ik that was very stupid of me… my shoulders are extremely turned in and i dont know if it’s inflammation around my neck/trap area but there is a ton of what looks like inflammation and i have extrmely bad neck pain and fatigue from it and it is starting to get really really bad to where im missing a ton of school from not being able to sleep no matter how tired i am …

what ive done to try to help this is DB rows, cable rows, rear delt flyes, 3x a week and so far it just seemed to make it worst

i forgot to add that even when my shoulders were Fd up i still tryed doing a workout with presses (yes im stupid) and after lost complete feeling in my tricep shoulders and chest for a whole week so it might be a more serious problem then i think… and also for the pain ive been taking a ton of tumeric root and mari- uk what but i’ve been mostly sucking it up until lately

if anyone can help me with this or make any comments i would appreciate it

Forgot to add - my wrist/foream rotation is all messed up from this and i have a limited range of motion

get a resistance band and very gently work on shoulder dislocates. do face pulls, too. scapular push-ups. rotator cuff stuff. and rows. yeah. pull-ups would also be good.

Do what Alexus told you.
Also go see a doctor or a physio. Loosing feeling in you shoulders and chest makes me think there might be something impinging. I would get that checked out just to rule out anything serious.

Uncle Birdy.