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Hun Gar Kung Fu and Keysi


I've searched it in almost every spelling form I could think of and nothing came up.
I was reading this forum for a little while now just reading up on what everyone is doing for martial arts and combat sports etc. and I found it very interesting that Hun Gar Kung Fu is never mentioned. I've been doing it for a couple years now and am finding it to be extremely useful ( I have used it in real life situations ) and especially now that I've combined it with keysi I think it is one of the best self defense arts out there, ofcourse it is martial arts, and everyone has their own opinion on what is the best.

Out of curiosity has anyone had any experience with Keysi or Hun Gar and what did you think of it?



I like to keep it simple with BJJ and Muay Thai. Kung Fu (generally speaking) in all of its awesomeness is a little too much for me.



Know nothing about it.


This post has sentoguy all over it.



Keysi is retarded IMO. There's some basically solid stuff there, but the rest always has me scratching my head in disbelief.

I'm sorry if you try to headbutt some guy in his chest, please be prepared to be skulldragged by your hair and/or eat a knee.

There's also a really gay movement I seen them doing where they line their ass up with their opponent's crotch, and then attempt to strike his legs and shit while facing the opposite direction. WTF? Why would anyone in their sane mind turn their back to their opponent.

There's just alot of shit in general that they perform that makes me wonder, seriously. For an art that was supposedly born from the "streets" there's not alot of consideration for typical situations that occur in streetfights. I know now that the two primary creators were previously long time Juan Fan JKD proponents and JKD branchoffs have their fair share of bullshido and wankers who create stuff that looks cool but's never actually been tested on a live, dynamic opponent in full contact.

I tell you one thing though, Batman sure does look cool.

As for hung gar... Look I'm REALLY close minded, you don't want my opinion on Chinese TMAs.


a few of the keysi principals have 'unofficially' been intergrated into modern army combatives.

headbutts to the chest are a lot more practical when you are wearing a kevlar.

elbow and knee strikes go inline with the 'close the distance' principal of MACP

the 'pensador' is a cool concept, although takes more time to learn then they would have you believe.

just like anything else, it has some good concepts, and a bunch of flashy stuff


Yeah, the main thing I've taken it from it is the simple defensive guard they have for CC combat.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhqgn3eoRXQ Like this

With Hun Gar you also have to take away some of the more flashy things from it.


Never heard of it, but if its worked for you, then, well, awesome! Keep it up.


I was not impressed with their performance. It looks awkward and unnatural. They are trying to look cool because they are using elbows which are a hard part of the body, but they leave themselves open just for the sake of using elbows when they could use other techniques that have better range and speed. In a real fight you do not want to square off with a mans knee right under your groin.


remember that i'm carrying 30-60lbs of additional gear, plus a long-gun on a sling.

i'm also wearing bodyarmor, to include hard trama plates over my entire torso.

elbows are much easier to throw than punches in that set up


keysi is designed to work against the 'universal fight plan'. that's why you'll notice a large percentage of their techniques feed off a haymaker.

the universal fight plan (for those that don't know) is what would happen if i were to get into a fight in any bar/town/whatever in america. 99% of the time, my opponent is going to stand up and strike me until he inflicts enough damage where i can't fight back.

by protecting your head as you move in (and controlling range), you set yourself up to defeat the UFP as well as now move into an area you would be comfortable striking from.

if anything, this just goes with what i said earlier. pensador is a cool concept, works in some situations.

like any MA, there is some good stuff, and a lot of flashy stuff.


The second move, elbow strike after the block, looks to have no power as it is shown.


"Absorb what is useful; Disregard that which is useless" ~Bruce Lee

Everything can have a purpose.

Thank you for your service to my country HolyMac.


That's just presentation.
Now imagine using it with full force and after practicing in that MA. Also, how much power do you need to actually seriously damage someone with your elbow, especially to the face? Isn't it like 9lbs of pressure to break a nose.


At the risk of sounding like a doofus, will someone please talk to me about headbutting to the chest? Would I aim at the heart, hoping to spread a little misery there?

I've headbutted guys in the solar plexus loads of times after reversing them & taking the mount, but I never thought about striking the chest. I have a training friend, a guy who is way taller than me, so I'm just wondering...


i've done it full speed while wearing a kevlar and the opponent in a full blauer suit. if he didn't get knocked down, the comment was that it would of hurt like a bitch w/o the suit.

i'm not sure i'd want to headbutt a guy in the chest without my kevlar on though


I've messed around with it, it hurts haha...


Headbutting the chest, even with a kevlar helmet on could be risky as you are basically hitting center mass with your head (at least if we're talking about a standing situation, if in side control, guard, or north/south it would be safer). If the opponent is bigger than you and/or just happens to aggressively close the distance as you are throwing the headbutt, that is a lot of force that your neck muscles must be able to hold up against, especially if you don't catch the chest at the optimal point in the force curve.

If you were going to do it I'd probably aim for the sternum, or slightly off to the sides, attempting to affect the heart/lungs and/or possibly dislocate a rib or two. Of course, it would also depend on alignment to one's opponent. If off to the sides, the actual heart or possibly the liver (depending on height of the opponent) could also be targeted.

Headramming the chest on the other hand could be effective, especially if you combine it with pulling on the backs of the knees (basically a "blast double/high double" from wrestling). Very hard takedown/landing and doesn't mandate that you go down with your opponent. Again though, you're got to have your bone structure aligned properly, or you could wind up really hurting your neck, or even getting paralyzed.


LOL kmc.


Other than crown or top of head vs face, why risk your head(brain or neck) as an offensive weapon?

When football players get carried out on a stretcher with varying amounts of paralysis, that should be instructive enough.