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Humor For All The Liberals

I love the onion


Ha-ha… Very funny.
Ho-Ho… It is to laugh.
(said with a bugs bunny twang, for those who grew up on those old cartoons).

I don’t have a very political stand on anything, but I read that article and I thought to myself… “It’s true” and sadly enough it’s true for people all over the place.
Maybe it is rampant apathy, or desensitization, possibly just good old lethargy and lack of compassion I don’t know and I find it hard to care. :wink:

But seriously, when politicians are mentioned, I usually respond similarly to the author “Yes, so and so is an idiot, their policy is a joke, they lied. Now move along.” and so on and so forth.

It does take more and more to excite us now-a-days and sadly, it seems as though people (on every side) keep seeking out new and devastating ways to keep us interested.