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Hummer H2


Anyone here own / have owned / spent time riding around in a friends H2...

I want a bigger suv / truck that I can abuse off road and it has come down to an H2 and a rubicon jeep... for the price of a rubicon I can get an H2 and just fail to see the point in spending the money on a jeep when I can have a small tank...


getting a hummer shows you have nothing more than too much money and not enough sense.

you will not take it off road .
We had a buddies hummer off in the Dunes at Glamis and his first day out he snapped his axle
I had to tow him out and back to the road. in my 79 ford f250 BTW that was loaded with atvs in the bed
these hummers now adays are a joke they are for soccer moms and middle aged guys that want to seem tough but they will never take their shiny toy off road

if you want something you can tear up get an older suburban get an engine rebuild spend the money on suspension upgrades get it painted right where it looks good but wont get all tore up going off road and have cash left over for gas. if your going to do it then do it right,get something that wont cost 50 grand to repair.

that is if you have the cash to put down on a vehicle, which I kind of doubt I think your talking about going to a car lot and getting a Hummer financed in that case I will bid you good day and have myself a little laugh at your expense.


I think an H2 is a great idea for you, that way when you run into my F-250 I don't have to worry about getting hurt. Here is a good example of how things will turn out for you... Enjoy!


Wonderful another ford guy.

lol wheres Growing boy at I want his ass to chime in on this hummer thing lol


Have fun with that piece of shit, and let me know if you want to hook up to my Powerstroke. I'm willing to bet I can rip the ass end of that thing right off...


lol, my ford 400 in my truck which was loaded up with atvs and 6 passengers food and tents all kindsa stuff easily pulled a dead hummer H1 out of the dunes about 4 or so miles back to the road
this is with no axel on the H1 dragging ass the whole way

so Im also willing to bet a power stroke can rip the ass end off the hummer.

also just to be clear here a hummer is nothing more than a suburban chassis,but heavier costs more.


Hummers suck... unless used by real military personnel.

John and Jane Doe have no business with THAT much vehicle. I've seen soccer moms picking up milk... just milk in their Hummers.


the military hummers are special built and are very much a different animal.


I see this just about every day and it makes me sick sometimes. It's not like these people are making 2-3 trips a week to Costco and filling up the Hummer each time. You really need that much car for just driving around town?

Also, in my neighborhood (condos), a Hummer won't fit into the garage, so they have to park them on the street. This usually ends up taking two spots and those spots are supposed to be for guests.


GM is thinking about selling-off Hummer.

(I realize this does nothing to aid your decision)


my boss actually just sold his H2 and got a brand new 6 speed rubicon jeep.

mofo is bad ass dude. especially with the entertainment/lcd touch screen up front.

nothing wrong with the rubicon. get it all black. that way we can drive around and pretend to be secret agents togther.


interesting, I havent heard this yet, may I ask you where you heard it
possibly who they are selling the design to?
or are they just going to scrap the whole platform?

not doubting you I am genuinely interested.


I owned an H2 for about 3 years. It's a big ride. I mean really big. It is powerful and you sit very high up. It isn't that good off road imo. Too heavy and too big for Pennsylvania woods at least. I've driven mostly pick up trucks and that's what I went back to. I'd buy a Jeep if you want something that will work off road for you.

I've also driven Army Hummer's. The H2 is way different. Night and day. An Army H1 is bigger and way more powerful with huge clearance. Again it's too big for woodlands but desert or open plains are no problem.

If they got real cheap I'd look at a Hummer again but it would have to be a steal and I wouldn't drive it all that much. Probably to go hunting and fishing.


Gas guzzler, expensive, slow, bad at of roading. GOOD for bragging.

Buy a rubicon, those things are good offroad. Or just buy a nice pickup if you need the space. A cummins Ram, or a Ford 250 are good choices.

If you still want to feel badass riding a hummer, and have cash to spare, just go for the H1.

If you are looking for luxury, bragging rights, and some offroad buy a Land Rover.

BTW. GM already sold Hummer.


yap, f-250's sure are nice until you roll them, considering the roof can't even remotely hold the weight. Then again, ID LOVE to see you crash that thing into a back of a school bus, because it would do the exact same thing as the hummer, fold like an accordion like it was built to do. Please learn something about how car safety now a days works before posting about it.

Anyway, h2's are piles of shit as far as offroading and on road goes, painfully slow and they break like toys off road.

edit: and oh god don't buy a land rover unless you have money to spare. I had a westminster edition range rover sport, supercharged blah blah blah. Floored it once and the fuel pump essentially exploded, needed a new pump obviously, and of course a new gas tank, along with a water pump etc...the alarm kept thinking it was getting stolen mid drive so it would just shut the fuck off in the middle of the road and NOT restart. Biggest pile of shit I'd ever seen, for a limited production run of 300 and a retail of around 95k, I expected more build quality.

Got money to spare and want a good suv? Get a toyota land cruiser.


You failed to mentioned that the driver of the H2 was unlicensed and he did survive the crash with minor injuries but go ahead and enjoy your prejudice.

Oh, I have pulled trucks off of dunes in Glamis in my H2. One was particularly nice, the young cat launched off the dune with his 1500 and nose dived into the sand; totaling the truck. I pulled him all the way to the Glamis store. I never assumed it was the trucks fault but rather the operator. An idiot is an idiot whether he drives a truck or an H2. I guess the old phrase "operator error" doesn't apply when it comes to H2 drivers based on your examples.

I love my H2, have taken it everywhere, off-roaded the hell out of it, so go ahead and buy it. Don't buy it for gas mileage; if you are worried about it then you can't afford an H2. Don't make it a mall-queen; mine has battle scars to prove it. For the record, I have broken tie-rods which are easy to fix and it was 100% my fault.


Big waste of money.


Hummer H3 vs Suzuki


x2 on getting an old suburban and putting some money in it.

waiting patiently for my aunt to dump our old 91' suburban family vacation transporter.

the things are beastly.

and yea i like how the H2 and some newer trucks are blatantly marketing to the "im overcompensating for something else" crowd. useless crappy pieces of shiny metal.


Don't get a Hummer...get a Humvee