Humility Is One Of The Tenets Of My Life

I made this piece of content spontaneously, I realize I may sound arrogant, I DO NOT MEAN TO!

Humility is one of tenets of my life, so PLEASE focus on the real message of this video!

The gym can be a very scary and intimidating place for some people.

If you’re a trainer or someone that’s trained for awhile, let them know they belong.

We were all new to the gym at one point, be a nice person and welcome them.

It just might change their life.

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Not to brag, but I am the most humble guy I know


It’s about time T-Nation has a modest thread, free of braggadocio, to discuss the importance of drawing attention to our individual efforts at humility.


We’re not on LinkedIn, so this was a glaring gap

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What a cesspool that place turned out to be, in record time it feels like.

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I’ve never been on linkedin because I thought it was for professionals and executive types.

What’s it about these days?

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I don’t go on very often, but it’s basically where professionals and executive types do their facebook dirty laundry/influencing thing now. Also the recruiters.

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LinkedInLunatics on Reddit is a gold mine.

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Not that I need another time suck, but I’m in!

I don’t say this on there, because I’m a coward and have a family to feed, but what leadership school taught us to use our freaking name as a hashtag?? I seethe at the nonsense the very few times I’m foolish enough to check in.

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@FlatsFarmer frequently posts memes and/or GIFs that fit scenarios (I made one typo in that word and it autocorrected to acetaminophen?) well and I really enjoy that about him.