Humidity and Joints

yo old people…

humidity sucks

while not at old nor as banged up as others
Im pretty spry and youthful at 39.75

I am suffering with all this moisture we are having in the east

right now my right ankle is bothering me,
but so is my neck, both shoulders, and hips

the clavicle I busted I can feel that line of the break right now…
and the creaky rusty stacked tuna cans that pass for my neck
are in a good bit of pain

do I just need to move north of vag
or someplace south and westerly

Is this why people move to florida?
or drink?
I take that back, kids make people drink…

When My grandma’s corns, hammertoe and bunions used to start to hurt she used to say to me “Matty bring an umbrella my corns are hurting its GONNA RAIN.”

and it always did…miss you grammy!

I spent too much time seated today. My ankles swelled up. I damn near had Hillary Clinton cankles.

Move south? Just checked the weather, it’s an early spring morning, clear out, 53f, and the humidity is 94%. Humidity doesn’t really seem to bother any of my old injuries, though.

^isn’t 94% humidity pretty much rain? Not ready to think about 100* with 80% humidity, suck.

Dunno-we don’t do ‘humidity’ here–it’s called rain, if it isn’t actually raining then it will be soon !!. Joint ache ? yep, that’s just being old and stupid enough to run and lift weights.

Harry you are right -its not humidity its change in barometric pressure.
I guess that is a word now.

Its like sinuses that act up for few weeks heading into spring and heading out of fall