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Humbly Requesting Feedback: June 2019 - Current Day Recomposition


I realise I have a long way to go - and I could get some more pics especially of my back but my main aim is to just get some feedback and after reading the posts here I am really looking forward to some critique. You guys seem to know what you are talking about.

I played alot of football in the UK, upto the age of 32, later I started running alot in my mid 40’s but the last 4 years I lapsed badly but in June 2019 I decided never to get out of shape again and started weights (5days/wk) but kept doing some cardio also (2-3 days week - mainly running).

Its only a year and 2 months since starting, but I wish I had started lifting heavier - as this is really giving me results now - and really look forward to the next couple of years. I havent tested my 3RM on all my excercises yet…other than my deadlift - its about 150kg, and 40kg dumb bell bench press.
Any good tips on how to build my traps up? I think I have built a good base on which I can start to fine tune things.

PS I love training my legs!!


Although I may change my mind if I see a Side shot of current, fucking killing it bro. Seems you’ve lost quite a bit of weight and look like you lift!

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Thanks man, really nice to hear the compliments. I have put in the work !
Side shot will show a bit of flab hanging over the waist as excess fat that needs working on around my waist line, but I will add some pics when I get home.

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Awesome work my man.

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Great work man, but you don’t have to lie to us…

I jest.

Anyway, I think rack pulls from just below the knees are great for traps. I also like power cleans a lot (probably because I’m not good at them and use all upper body); I don’t do these like I used to, but they were a big builder.
Assistance-wise, I don’t think you can go wrong with dumbbell shrugs: hold the top for a 3-count, do highish-rep sets (~12), and just go straight up and down - no rolling. I never got anything out of barbell shrugs; they’re more of a grip move for me.

I’d probably pick rack pulls or power cleans as your strength movement on a day that it fits (so, it would typically be rack pulls on back day for me) and work to progressively overload that. Then, when you’re doing your assistance, do the shrugs for 3 sets of 12 or whatever; you still want to eventually get heavy on these, so pick something you think would be cool (like I want all my sets to be with the 100s, for example) and work toward that.

Great job overall!

Thanks alot, will try some Shruggs, I think I will probably pick a weight I can do 10 with, then go to 6-8 reps.
Cleans are perhaps something I can learn later, as they look quite complicated technically speaking.
Goddamn this is fun… especially legs :- :sweat_smile:

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Great work! But if you love leg day… you’re doing wrong… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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