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Humbly Asking For Pointers

Hey bros (and brohettes). Im eager to become a body builder. I have a passion for it, and all the motivation I need. Time and patience in spades. Ex-military, good starting build but coated with a solid 20% bf. (Desk job).

Im starting the stronglifts program to get me back up to 1.5 bw on squat, deadlift, and bench. And then will focus on isolated exercises. Any advice for a new comer to the bodybuilding club?


Does this mean you want to compete on stage at some point? Or you just want to build muscle and drop fat, but have no interest in shaving, tanning, putting on a Speedo and posing?

What’s your height and current weight?

And, since you mentioned wanting to get your strength back (although bench squat and dead shouldn’t all be 1.5xBW), what are your current bests in those lifts?

Not sure what else you’re looking for specifically. Lift 3-5 days a week. Do some kind of cardio 2-4 days a week. Eat smart everyday. There are tons of programs and diet plans on the site. Most of them can help.

Though, if you do want to compete, I’d say it’s not really necessary to re-build your strength, and you’d be better served on a program that’s not primarily strength-focused.

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Thanks for the reply. No desire to compete. Its only for my own vanity and to please the woman. Current height is 5’11" and Im currently at 200 lbs. Im interested in strength for real world use, and also mainly for the physique! lol.

My previous PRs were 225 bench, 315 squat, and 375 deadlift. But that was 4ish years ago, which is why im doing progressive compounds at the moment - to gently and safely get back to where I was.

As opposed to… ? :thinking:

What are you moving now? Meaning, if you plan to stick with Stronglifts until your squat/dead are 315ish, how far off are you? It doesn’t matter a ton, but I’m wondering if you’re squatting 185x5 or 275x5 right now.

That’s a solid enough program for what you’re looking for. Dialing in the nutrition and/or adding some basic cardio on off days (or walking right after lifting) should help drop some fat along the way.

Do 531. It has built in lifting, mobility, conditioning/recovery, jumping & throwing.

I really feel 5/3/1 could do more your needs versus Stronglifts. Jim Wendler has his own forum on this site, where you can give him your scenario, and he can give his recommendation of what template to follow, because he has hundreds.

yeah just do stronglifts for 6 weeks to get back into the swing of things then move on to something like a 5/3/1 template/texas method/dan john program etc