Humble Bro Training

starting stats after a semester of abusing my body:
6 foot 3 150lbs
bench 135x5
sumo 225x1

after a month of heavy eating and two weeks of lifting I’m almost at 175 lbs. PRs come stupid easy with my being a noob bulking up on WS4SB 3. Goals to reach by April 1st:
bench 225x1
sumo 315x5
as well as taking care of my problems like anemia/carpal tunnel/crepitus/backache from being tall/weak/stiff before they get out of hand

ME Upper

Incline BB
45 5
95 5
135 5
155 1 PR
135 5

Incline DB
50 15, 12


BB Row 135 supersetted with rear delt flyes 20
12, 12, 12

Preacher DB
20 12
25 12, 12
some supinated curls with 20s for the pump

DE Lower

Box Squat (on to bench)
135 3, 3
155 3, 3
175 3, 3 PR

Reverse BB Lunge (front foot elevated ~5in)
95 10, 10, 10 PR

185 8, 4, 4
too heavy for my bitchass, lower lumbars felt like they were going to slip out when I got into the drop tha soap position

back extension (mimic a partial GHR at the top)
12, 12

some cardio on the bike and more PVC rolling

apart from the box squats and incline benches I hardly rested ~30 seconds between sets both days
first time using the Elite FTS 10mm double prong belt with it actually buckled in. still stiff as balls and left a gap between my lower ack and the belt, wore it for most of the workout to get that sweat/heat in. I liked the support it gave me on the box squats and I looked like Dave Tate when I had my hood up woooooo. I started foam rolling yesterday with a PVC pipe I picked up a while ago for under $2. squatting is hard, state capitols are hard, but PVC rolling was too fun with sore legs


RE Upper

bike 2 mi to gym

Incline DB (tried neutral grip for first time)
45 15
50 12, 9, 7, 4.5lulz

bw widegrip pullup/40? lat pullover/25 db reverse flye superset
4 rounds of 6/15/12

db powerclean
10 4x15…first time with these, need to look up form

behind the back leaning laterals
20ish 4x15

bike 2 mi home

PM - brother was going to the gym to I tagged along and got my Friday session in early
ME Lower

135 5
185 5
225 1
255 1
235 4
185 5

walking db lunges
40 12, 12, 12

pull through
100ish 15, 15

back extension
12, 12

swiss ball crunches
went to 50 reps in a few min

lol bump

current maxes are:
military 135x6 (strict, proud of how much this has gone up)
deadlift 315x1
squat 225x3 (this will shoot up once my knees are good to go again)
bench 215x4

still not very strong yet…but I’m getting there. I’m going to keep with 5/3/1 as long as I can. I’ll love to see how far my lifts have improved this year from the last year.


45 20
135 5
185 3
225 2 PR
185 5, 5, 5

front squat
165 3, 3, 3