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i happen to bump into about 36 mg of HUMATROPE....age 36 height5,6 weight 160lbs

im interested in gaining some mass goal 175lbs would be nice doesnt have to be ripped i just want mass
never been over 165 ... im thinkin 4 ius daily 5 days on 2 off for 6 wks plus 5 dys awk work out...does this sound right? is this stuff safe to take by itself ? am i gonna grow boobs? ive read some threads but its like greek to me would appreciate any input (in human normal english)
wat other weight gain products can i combine this with for desired result ???


There's this product you might like. You can get it without a prescription. It's called FOOD. Eat some dammit.


lol my man, you have much MUCH more research to do before you ever let a slin pin near your humatrope. At your age, if you have not been able to grow over 160lbs (unless you are cut to ribbons), you need to learn HOW TO EAT. How long have you been working out? honestly....


The really funny part is, he says he's 36 and he types and spells like he's 12. Terrible troll is terrible.


Dude, you need to learn how to gain some muscle the natural way! You need to get a minimum 1.5gm protein/lb BW and at least 20-25 calories/lb daily! Once you get that sorted out you should be able to add significant mass drug-free (as long as you train properly and get enough sleep/rest)
Forget about Humatrope!!!(sell that shit and buy food and protein powders lol!. Actually I'll buy it from you!) After you add atleast 20lbs solid muscle, then you may consider a low dose AAS cycle to start. Maybe after your 4th or 5th successful cycle, then you can consider some HGH!