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Humans vs Animals


I know generally, human life is held higher than animal life. Saying that, if you had a dog that you were very close to and you had to choose to save the life of your dog or a random person, or even a person you knew, but really had no attatchment to, which one would you choose?

I used to have a dog that was like part of my family. And I know some may flame me for this, but I would have chose to save the life of my dog over 99.9% of people in the world. Probably because I felt more of an emotional attatchment to my dog, whereas most people, i am indifferent to. I was very sad when my dog died, and since then, have heard of several people that have died and it was really "thats too bad they died" by I cant say I felt any sadness per se.

What would anyone else do if the were faced with that situation?



I love animals (and of course my dogs), but come on.


< -------------------- has a 'thing' for Dwarves.


The mere fact that you say we as humans hold a humans life over an animals life just shows how ignorant we are. I would save my cats without a second thought before any human. unless they were my close family. but, my cats are my close family. why are humans considered more valuable or better than animals. That is simply something i dont suscribe to.


Sadly, this is actually a thread. Someone, other than OP will say save the dog, and actually mean it.


Hmm. That is a tricky one for me. I've always been much more closely bonded to my pets than to any random person.

I've known a lot of shitty, malignant mother fuckers for whom I wouldn't lift a finger to prevent their fall in front of a bus. If it were my dog I would at least tug it's leash or yell for it to stop. I'd feel a lot worse about the dog.



The value of something depends on its importance to us.
I love animals, and aside from the loonies at PETA, I do support basic rights against misuse and abuse of animals.

We shouldn't even be having this thread topic discussion. We're talking about HUMAN LIFE!

Have a child, then tell me where your priorities lie.


animals taste good.

that is all~





So you'd kill and eat your dog if you both were lost in the wilderness without food?

I would.

Hey Clip (HH). Let's bend this a bit. Would you KILL a person or your dog if a situation arose where you'd have to make that choice (assuming no crime or foul was committed by said person)?


x2. There are alot of worthless humans out there that I would deny water to in a desert before my own dog. But there is a line for me. Im not one who would support shutting off water to thousands of acres of farmland just to save a minnow...cough...Cali...


ding ding ding ding.

We didn't even leave the first page and we have the (un)usual suspect. He's save his cats. Dude, you're the best.


I wish I was home right now cause I would post a picture... I'm sure someone can search it and post it for me....

It was from the memorial service of one of the SEALs who died in that helo crash. So of his buddies drove to his home town, picked up the guys dog and drove it to the memorial, the dog layed right next to the flag draped coffin throughout the entire thing and wouldn't leave the coffins side.

EDIT: here's a link

Mans best friend.


I once saw an episode of Crocodile hunter, with steve irwin. he was crying over a very old croc, hes had for years. that croc was a part of his family. I feel sad for people who feel as you do. to think "human life' is more valuable than animal life. according to whom. us, humans? lol. a life is a life. you can't say one is better or more valuable than another. Luckily, people who think the way you do are a dying breed. you call peta nuts. i call them heros. they are willing to risk their lives to save animals. Those are true heros.


the fact of the matter is that this troll does allegedly have a daughter.


People are mostly indifferent towards other people. People die everyday in horrible conditions. But what do you do if you hear about it besides say "man thats too bad"? You shake your head and in a few moments forget all about it. I really don't hate anyone or wish anyone any evil, but on the other hand, I really dont have any great love for most people either. Whereas, my dog I had an actual love for.


I'm not talking about a random squirrel vs your child. I'm talking about a family pet you love dearly vs a person you're really indifferent to.


Damn, Greg, that made me cry.

Here's the pic.


I'm out of this thread. Bunch of fucked up excuses for humans here.