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Humans act like pack animals

I’ve known for a while that a person will do whatever the people in front of or around them are doing most of the time for a while, but I have NEVER seen this more plainly displayed than at my job. At the moment I work for the Oklahoma Transportaion Authority as a Toll Collector. I sit/stand for 8 or 12 hours a day and collect money from a lot of angry people for driving on the turnpike. We get a huge amount of traffic because were on the highway leading down from Missouri into Oklahoma. We usually work with four lanes open. Most of the time when I havent got anybody in my lane I look over into the other lanes. Well lo’ and behold lanes 1, 2, and 3 have nobody in them but lane 4 has a line 15 cars long. Its not like the other lanes are hard to see, because there right next to one another. People just keep piling in. I know if you asked them WHY they got into the lane that was obviously full the would say, “Because I didnt see the other lanes”. BULLCRAP!! Whether conciously or unconciously you got in that lane because “everybody else was there”. One of my coworkers even had a guy drive up and complain that we should have mor lanes open. She pointed out that there were three other lanes besides hers that had no one in them. Its not like its hard to see which lanes are open either as we have large green lights about 20 feet about us that can be seen for about 200 or more feet before you even get to the booths. For all we do and achieve as human beings Ill never understand why we do this. I dont believe God created us to be this way, I just kinda think that we have been taught to do this. “When in doubt do what the person in front of you is doing”. Just my rant.