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Human Patriot Dies


On a sad note Hugh Thompson Jr. died today at 62. This is a man who truly deserves the label hero. In contrast to the way Bush handed them out like jingoist ornaments after 9/11.

Thompson was known for rescuing innocent Vietnamese men, women and children during the Mai Li Massacre. He situated his helicopter between the advancing U.S. troops and the fleeing Vietnamese peasants. He even positioned the helicopter's weapons at the U.S. troops in an effort to disuade them from following through on their immoral orders.


You're an idiot. I met Thompson and shook his hand. He's undoubtedly a hero. To in some way try to negatively compare Bush to him makes you a pencil-dicked asshole.




Yeah, we all know Bush would have been a hero too, if only given half the chance.

One heck of a job doogie ! ! !


Would one of the Bush haters please show me one place where Bush ever considered himself a hero? And while you're at it, explain to me how Thompson's ndeath has anything to do with anything other than the fact that he died a war hero?




You truly have a way with words hahahah!!! I stand by my assertion that he is a true hero unlike the fake feelings of patriotism that all you Bush bootlickers espouse to.


What I'm pointing out is that he us indeed deserving of the label rather than Bush handing them out like cheap lapels to anyone who walked by him after 9/11.


Yeah, you could have left that part out and it would've sounded like a nice tribute to a true hero. Instead you polluted your own thread with cheap insults.

Insults I might add that do not even seem to be relevant (or true).

Could've been a nice thread, too bad for you.


Now THAT sounds like you are disparriaging those who risked life and limb to search for survivors at ground zero. Firefighters, Cops and other emergency personnel (including civilians).

You should stick to tributes... your ability to zing the President seems to be quite flawed.


What are you, six or seven? Grow up!


It is a shame when people let blind hatred get in their way.


Wouldn't you like to be a hero too? :stuck_out_tongue:




Not at all


It's true though. Maybe you just don't like my tact.


Just pointing out a contrast between the real and the imaginary. And I'm wide awake in America my friend.


Yeah, I mean I gave blood so I suppose that makes me one huh? :wink:


You are making the assumption that you actually have tact. If your assumption is to be believed, you need to display some.


Far more than you. I mean have you ever read your own posts.