Human Growth Hormone

I have talked myself into doing a cycle of human growth hormone. I have a few hereditary diseases that my doctors says might heal if i can open my growth plates back up first question is will HGH open up closed growth plates? The problem i have is a degenerative joint disease they say is hereditary and as it stands right now i will need a knee replacement at age 40 so they say fuckin doctors!

Anyone got any clues on how to talk my doctor into some human growth hormone therapy cause i dont wanna go in and seem like i just want it for the weight lifting and health effects but ill take that too lol. I dont wanna go illegal on this but i will i have been checking on the internet to see if i can get a prescription over the internet is that legitimate or a waste of time PM me if you have any thing to say that you dont wanna post all help is appreciated. Just trying to enjoy life i mean shit im 23 and my right knee kills me stops me from doing some things i truly love

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Do you have money to spend? GH is not cheap.

I have plenty of money to spend doesnt mean i wanna spend it all but im not to worried about the price

I hate to be real a nit-pick, but could you spend a little of all that cash on some punctuation?

Can a brutha buy a period, please? :slight_smile: