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Human Growth Hormone


What’s really the max hgh ius per day anyone can take?

Im not sure there is an exact answer for you.

People have used hgh in in doses of 10+iu per day.

I think a better way to phrase the question would be.

My goal is to (insert your goal) what is the max amount of hgh I can use somewhat safely.

Goal: Bone Density & Thickness, Endurance, Health and Strength.

Quick disclaimer I haven’t used hgh yet its in the near future for what you are looking for you could probably get away with some lower doses around 2-4 iu /day it’s often used much higher for body builders but that doesn’t seem to be your main goal.

By the way I’m not sure there is any real proven studies hgh increase bone density and thickness all that much in relatively human beings above the adolescent age.

I’ve been using it for about 11yrs now… I’ve never done more than 6iu a day. I’ve seen some videos from Rich Piana saying he took 16iu a day but idk… personally I take it for healing/recovery, anti aging, & great sleep. The benefits I see at 2-4 iu 5 days a week is what I mentioned+skin,hair,sex drive.
I would tell you it’s not side free… if u dose too high without a tolerance yur joints will ache & you get harsh headaches… so build yur tolerance. Generally after a cycle I bump my hgh to try & hold the gainz. But I like it with trt it’s fantastic it’s like I only age on paper… I’m 42 & most people I meet assume I’m in my mid 30s

I can second the great sleep. I took my first dose yesterday at 5iu and man I had the first interrupted sleep in a while, however I did take my HGH in the morning.


When after these type as results when would you recommend someone consider it, age wise?

What about side effects like swelling/growth of the hands and feet and altered facial features? Organ growth.

Is the organ growth permanent or just swelled for a while? Altered facial features how?

Someone that knows more on this?
Also, how much should these adolescents take? Go YOLO?

Adolescents should not take growth hormone unless they have a medical diagnosis that warrants it.

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Growth is permanent, swelling is temporary. That’s why we have different words to describe them. They are different things.
If you want bone density, lift heavy things. Do squats, do deadlifts, do cleans. Weight bearing exercise stimulates bone density. HGH stimulates growth, but it is very individual and not predictable. It might geow you a cro-magnion forehead or itmake you feel like you’re 18 - oh wait, you are 18! Huh!

Are you permanently on HGH now?

Is there no way of you getting a PCT for GH release soon?

I didn’t start taking it till I was 30 and i havent taken it every day since. Id say I take it 70% of the yr. But my situation is different than most. I worked for a med spa since i was 30 so i got it free with my trt. So why the fuck not. Hgh is hella expensive. I dont recomend anyone use it under 25

No reason to pct it… At a certain age u just dont make much of it so why bother with shitty naty levels…which is my same stance on trt

You should try taking it 2 hrs before bed. You will have dreams so vivid it’s like being in inception. It’s almost worth it just for the cool dreams.

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So I read about some people taking 16IU for years no issue and Heavyweight bodybuilders taking 20IU, even 30IU a day with no problems.

What’s the maximum safe dose here while avoiding the organ thing? Or was the organ thing due not dividing the dose?

I heard it’s no good taking it close to bedtime as it affects natural GH production?


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I can’t speak to the science of it I’m not that smart. However when you get it prescribed to you they say take it before bedtime. Also thats what it recommends in the box instructions if you get a brand-name.

Also my understanding. When you sleep is whe your body produces its natural GH pulse.

Iv always been told to use it pre and post workout or in the morning and post workout

So 5IU morning, 5IU pre and 5IU post ?