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Human Growth Hormone

How is Human Growth Hormone released differently when you exercise. Is their a Direct relationship between exercising and the amoung of hgh released,the more you exercise the more hgh released. Why is it that they say if you exercise alot while your younger it could increase your eventual height. Wehn you exercise what parts of the body use the Hgh,where does it go to help make you taller if you are still growing.

I’m guessing you’re a teen trying to boost your height, right? HGH isn’t released ‘differently’ when you exercise, but it will be realeased in increased amounts. Higher rep, multi set training seems to increase it most. The “Meltdown” training program and the “Bowlful of Jelly” programs found on this site (just use the search engine) cause the body to release large amounts of HGH. Just follow those programs as they are written. If you only remember ONE thing, is that if you exercise TOO much, you will SUPPRESS HGH release, amongst other growth- inducing hormones. I don’t have the time (or inclination) to go in to whether HGH acts on the bone + muscle tissue independently, or whether it needs to signal the liver to produce IGF-1 and other somatomedins in order to stimulate growth, but suffice to say that HGH should work relatively evenly throughout the body - don’t worry - you aren’t going to grow 1 arm longer than the other - unless you have some kind of weird genetic mutation which would already be apparent. Just remember to EAT a lot of food, especially protein, and stay away from starchy foods (like french fries) and sugar, which have been shown to INHIBIT HGH release. Underfed adults and children exhibit high levels of HGH, as a response to malnourishment, but it doesn’t produce extra height - it STUNTS height. However, high HGH levels combined with an adeqaute calorie diet should increase your height, if you are still a teen. To summarise: get in some high- rep, low rest, weight training no more than 4 times per week. Eat well, with plenty of protein, no sugars or starches. I can’t guarantee that you will grow taller, but you won’t know until you try, but I wouldn’t expect results within a few weeks - try months, possibly a year before you know if it has worked. good luck.

Thanks Debo, I’m 18 and I would be happy if I just grew about an 1 inch-2 inches taller.Do you by any chance know how much exercise would be too much and would inhibit hgh release, speaking in terms of hours per day and days per week. I am going to be a freshman in college this upcoming school year and I want to try and make the track team.How does higher intensity lower volume exercises compare in hgh relase to the higher volume stuff you recommend. Thanks advice well appreciated:)

You’re a teen so you should be able to tolerate a decent amount of exercise. I don’t know how much exercise will suppress GH, but I think its sufficent to assume that if you are overtrained, then GH and other growth- inducing hormones will be suppressed also. Bear in mind too that too much exercise will place a big demand on your calorie requirements - claories that should be used for growth. Its an individual thing, but I think that 4 days of weight training 2 days of interval traing (sprints or whatever sport you’re going to be paying) at 30 minutes per session and one day of complete rest would be a good place to start. Try that for 6 weeks, then tweak the volume up or down according to how tired you’re feeling. Remember not to get macho about this - you can fool other people and yourself about how much you can handle, but you can’t fool your endocrine system.
Additionally, hot saunas also release GH, so if you’re really keen, you might want to have a sauna at the opposite end of the day to when you are training (ie if you train at night, sauna in the morning, and vice versa). you could sauna every day if you want, but no more than half an hour at a session, and ensure you get plenty of fluids. Additionally, if you have the budget you could try experimenting with arginine and/ or ornithine supplements. Although most grown adult bodybuilders have had mixed results in terms of added muscle mass with these supplements, they might produce additional height gains in an (inherently) more GH- responsive teen. Once per day on an empty stomach (at least 2 and a half hours after your last meal) slug back either 10g of pure arginine OR 5g of pure arginine and 2.5 g of pure ornithine with a glass of water. Use only these compounds Don’t eat until at least half- an hour afterwards. If they come mixed with any other amino acids or ingredients IT WILL NOT WORK and you will have wasted your money. Be careful too - these aminos can give you the sh*ts. As for the type of exercise, apparently the higher- rep, short rest- times stuff works better than slow, heavy stuff. Something about high lactic acid levels relaeasing more GH.