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Human Growth Hormone


has anyone tried somatropinne or any other brand of hgh? if so how were the results, and which brand did you try for how long? Iv`e heard hgh and testerone is the new rage in the states especially for more mature boybuilders like myself at 55


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You have too much time on your hands, if your responding to questions you can't answer. I feel sorry for you! Uber LOL HAH


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Yeah great way to get knowledgeable people to help you...

Maybe you should try insulting his mother next time, or kicking his dog, I hear that really helps when your asking someone for help.

We have numerous threads on HGH, its theory, its usage, administration methods, etc. We are not going to retype everything just because you cant be bothered to click on them.

Your a lazy fuck and you have managed to make an enemy of a majority of this forum with only 2 posts, congratulations.



That's about as polite as I'll get.


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congrats you just spat in the face of one of the more knowledgable people on this site.



Did you take your meds gramps? On the contrary, I feel sorry for you! You fuck with BBB and you fuck with the whole burrito granpapa.


You should just research yourself, after that statement I would be surprised if you received any help.


I'm pretty sure this cunt is some 15yr old with too much time on his hands...


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you sure did a great job in alienating yourself from a genius on this site.
nice job idiot.

being a bit modest are we?

not only can you answer them but I bet you can start citing medical publications on the subject right now


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I struggle to see why this doesn't answer your question in full as you need:

Do you walk into rooms of gangs of people who all know each other and spit in the face of the first person you talk to?

No... so why do it here? Because you dont get your head stamped on?

BBB answered your question as much (if not more) as anyone would with your obvious lack of research, knowledge and particularly effort. YYou cant even have lurked here for more than 5 minutes to not know how this was going to pan out.

It is a passage of rites here - not a free pass.