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Human Evolution


Does anyone ever wonder why humans have evolved with such large chests?


Have you been watching Dr. 90210?


Do you mean chests as in the whole species and our bone structure? Or are you talking about titties? Because I can sure as hell explain in detail, why women have developed with big boobs. It has to do with the limp slab of meat dangling between your legs, see big boobs for some reason makes this limp dangly thing big and hard, and also grant it temporary control over the biomass that it is attached to.



Probably cuz we used to walk on all fours and swing from trees.

Next Question.



They didn't.

God made them that way.

(yeah that'll stir 'em up.)


I would guess that through natural selection, the larger chests perhaps correlated with greater upper body strength for swinging clubs, fighting, hunting, etc.



Yah. For ever other mammal (sp?) breasts are used for feeding. In humans breasts are also plummage for attracting males.


Because God likes big chests!


So your lungs can fully expand without interfering with any other body functions.